The South Florida Ford Fordistas Held The Pop-Up, a Night of Boards and Art

P1. Izzy Paskowitz, Alex Fernandez, and Nicole Vallejo NageraFordistas, the ever-changing arts and culture platform by South Florida Ford, held The Pop-Up, an evening showcasing a collection of six Miami artists’ visions reflected on surfboard canvases.  The evening raised awareness of autism and benefited Surfers Healing, an organization that enriches the lives of children living with autism by exposing them to the unique experiences of surfing.  The event was held on July 9th at The Fordistas Gallery 2930 NW 7th Ave, Miami.

The project stemmed from The Pop-Up, an iconic surf move that denotes the switch from paddling to surfing stance. It is a pivotal turning point for anyone practicing the sport and encapsulates the subtle adrenaline building at Surfers Healing Camp that leads to the empowering moment children with autism stand up on their board. Fordistas is a program with roots embedded deeply in South Florida culture, namely the arts. It has commissioned, hosted and supported resident artists and initiatives that enhance our community. The Surfers Healing camp’s recent trip to South Florida deeply touched the lives of local families. For more information, and

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