South Floridian Founds Livingstone Mission Center to Aid Rural Villages in Africa


south floridian founds mission- featuredIt’s rare when you meet someone who not only spreads the Gospel to the remotest parts of the world but is also responsible for giving practical assistance to these tribal nations. It’s even rarer when that person is right here in South Florida. David Newcombe and his wife Rozanne, founders of Livingstone Mission Centre (LMC-Africa) live in Jupiter, Florida. Originally from Cape Town, South Africa, David emigrated to the U.S. with Rozanne and found work as a CPA in 1986. In 1996 David became an ordained minister with Riverside Christian Fellowship in Coral Springs and oversaw administration and missions. After relocating to Jupiter, they started a house church, Fulness Christian Fellowship, which is now pastored by Chuck and Bonnie Pigott. But David’s passion lies with the mission work he’s established in Africa.

In 2006 David and Rozanne Newcombe founded LMC to bring the Good News of Christ to those living in the remotest areas in Africa where paganism, animism and black magic prevail as well as Moslem ruled areas. The conversions they’ve witnessed are miraculous. And, unlike other missions, David has brought his vision to assist these literally dying masses, sustenance through training the local people survival skills and everyday care along with volunteers from the U.S. and other countries.


I had the privilege of speaking with David and asking him what prompted him and his wife to take on such a selfless endeavor.

GN: David, you led missions to a variety of countries in the past. But in 2005 something happened during your month long travel through Africa with your then 15-year-old son, Josh, and your wife Rozanne, that changed your course. You called it a ‘vivid vision from the Holy Spirit.’ Can you explain what that was?

DN: Well, Chris, I had a vision or dream from God to effectively reach the unreached people in the rural villages of Africa with the gospel and practical assistance. These people are poor and neglected and have no sense of hope. Essentially, what I saw was training them up, so they can receive even the basics — food and water — along with the Father’s Love.

GN: Well you certainly have fulfilled that vision. Since the beginning of your foundation, LMC, has built schools, taught life-saving skills such as farming, irrigation, water purification, livestock and poultry rearing, medical care and carpentry. What I think has been the key to the success and growth of your mission is the utilization of the African people themselves. You train them to become sustainable and to carry on the gospel to their own people. Your vision to effectively reach the remote places in Africa has even surpassed what David Livingstone (the 19th century missionary/explorer whom the center is named after) could have imagined.

DN: God has raised up some extremely capable Africans to help lead the mission. There are now satellite campuses because the demand is overwhelming. As of today, there are 20 districts in 10 countries where these training schools are established — from South Africa to Ethiopia.

GN: You’ve seen some miraculous changes through your mission work in Africa. David, can you tell us one of personal note?

DN: There are so many! One in particular was four young African men who were soon to be graduates of LMC. They went to Central Zambia where there was only one Christian family around. But they started greeting and praying with other people in the village. What happened is the people started getting healed! A deaf woman got her hearing back, a man with a bad leg was able to walk properly. Outside their hut was a long line of people wanting prayer for healing and deliverance. The next day there was a hush over the crowd. Three witch doctors arrived and tremendous fear came over the crowd because of what these doctors were able to do—not always for good. Even the 4 young men, being raised in this culture of black magic, felt this evil. But then they remembered, ‘Greater is He who is in you, than he that is in the world.’ (John 4:4) The Holy Spirit encouraged them to continue to pray for the people and they were continually being healed. The witch doctors left and came back and asked about a man who was demon-possessed. They threw this man down and asked the young Christian men what Jesus could do for him. Within half an hour, the demoniac was restored and his entire family was saved. The three witch doctors left, returned, and threw down their spells and fetishes to become saved. One of the witch doctors is a woman and is now the head of a Christian church of 150 people. Literally, there are hundreds of these testimonies.

GN: So, David, how can we, who live in South Florida and beyond, help with the mission?

DN: Well, Chris, a physical presence is needed. There are short term mission trips as well as longer commitments that people can volunteer for. The opportunities are limitless. From volunteering and training to financial support and awareness — there’s something for everyone. Funds donated have 98 percent going directly to Africa and only 2 percent to cover the necessary expenses. But above all, prayer is key.

GN: I see you have some short term missions coming up ranging from construction to youth sports programs to a mobile health clinic. These can be found on your website but you also offer to do a 10-15 minute presentation at churches for those who may want to get involved. Does this extend to businesses as well?

DN: Yes. We encourage and invite people of all faiths and affiliations to get involved.

GN: David, thank you for your time and for taking on the Great Commission with such passion and fervor. God bless you and Rozanne and all those working alongside you in spreading the Father’s Love and making the Dark Continent one of Light.

For those interested in volunteering, giving financial support or prayer intercession for LMC, visit or contact David directly at [email protected]


Chris Alexander is a freelance writer, traveler and multi-media artist. Check out or write directly to her at [email protected]

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