Spring Films You Won’t Want To Miss

Spring FilmsWe are coming out of the winter movie dry spell that leaves us searching for a good film like water in the desert. As we look ahead to the coming weeks, these are the films that you likely will not want to miss.

Jurassic Park 3D
Everyone’s favorite movie with dinosaurs and mayhem is being re-released in theaters this April, in 3D. While some may scoff at the idea of re-releasing older films as a way to simply make more money—and to be fair, they often are—bringing back classic films like Jurassic Park is an opportunity for today’s kids to experience an incredible film in a way they would be otherwise be denied. The 3D might not interest every adult that sees this film, but it is sure to excite the kids, especially if they have never seen it before. This might be a good one to bring the family to, but be mindful of age, once the raptors show up things might get too intense for the little ones. So whether you are an adult that needs to be reminded of why you loved the movie to begin with, or if you have a new generation of potential dinosaur lovers in the house, do not miss seeing Jurassic Park 3D on April 5.

42 is the story of real life baseball star Jackie Robinson and road that lead him to make history by becoming the first African American to play major league baseball. This story takes place at an embarrassing point in our nation’s history when racial segregation was an unquestioned aspect of life. Though ignorance and prejudices sadly still exist, not so long ago, black and white athletes could not even compete on the same team. To say that Robinson had to overcome adversity is a gross understatement; he was mocked and even openly hated by the fans in the crowd, the opposing teams, and even some of his own teammates. Strength, determination and undeniable talent were his weapons in creating change in the culture of American sports. Sports fans and history buffs are sure to love 42 when it hits theaters April 12.

Ironman 3
As the first Marvel film to follow The Avengers’ release, Ironman 3 has a lot of expectations to live up to. Topping The Avengers with a movie about one superhero seems nearly impossible, especially since there will be an Avengers 2. Judging from the trailers, Iron Man 3 seems to be focused on delving deeper into the characters and playing up the creativity. Best case scenario? It is bold, creative film that pushes the superhero genre to new heights. Worst-case scenario? It will be a solid action flick. Either way, catch it in theaters when it comes out on May 3.

A teenage girl who is no bigger than the size of an insect finds herself lost in the depths of a forest. There, she discovers an entire world living among the plants and trees, where a battle between good and evil is brewing. To those of us who grew up in the 90s, this might look reminiscent of the animated film Ferngully: The Last Rainforest, with the potential to bring something unique and creative to the table in a family-friendly way. Catch Epic starting May 28.

Star Trek: Into Darkness
J.J. Abram’s 2009 Star Trek achieved the milestone as most attended “Trek” film in the franchise, earning $257.7 million. In the second installment of Abrams’ new take on the Star Trek universe, he takes things to new heights, with even more action on a grander scale than the first film. Is that possible when the villain in the last film had the power to destroy an entire planet? Find out when Into Darkness hits theaters May 17.

Rick Deal is a freelance writer. He blogs regularly at culturemakerblog.com, and tweets at @letsmakeadeal26.

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