Spring Fashion Tips

There were several decades when women’s clothing seemed to get skimpier and hemlines continued to get shorter. Things finally seem to be working in the favor of those who prefer modest cuts and clothing that leaves something to the imagination. Many of spring’s biggest trends give the girl with modest sensibilities endless style options.

The safari style continues this season, and with it comes utility-style jackets, longer shorts and crisp white button-downs, largely in the khaki and army green color families.

Utilitarian styles can be paired with more feminine pieces, like a lightweight tie-neck blouse, to balance out the look. In the same style vein are tribal prints with bright pops of color. Resort wear is huge, mixing loose, light fabrics and neutrals with bold prints. This style can be accessorized with chunky heels, floppy hats and bold jewelry in copper tones.

The “Roaring 20’s” have made a style comeback with drape-like shapes and long skirts; this is less flapper-dress style and more of a “Jazz Age” lawn party. This style allows its wearer to cover up while maintaining a feminine feel. The maxi-skirt, which has been in vogue for a while, can fit into this trend by wearing a straight style (instead of one that flares at the end) in a delicate fabric. The color palette of this trend is muted, featuring neutrals and pastels. Think of Daisy Buchanan and Jay Gatsby, re-imagined for today.

Sportswear is also big this season, allowing for a more relaxed, comfortable style. This doesn’t mean wearing workout clothes outside of the gym, but rather is a reflection of the on-the-go lifestyle, offering sleek silhouettes, light fabrics and bright bursts of color for a chic but casual look. This trend goes in two directions – one end with a more preppy take, and the other with a street-style inspiration. This look stretches from the country club to city basketball courts, and can be mixed for a high-low look. Pleated skirts, which showed up everywhere last fall, have the possibility of fitting well with this style. Usually seen at knee-length to mid-calf, it can be paired with a polo and cardigan for a causal yet pulled-together look. For a laid-back feel, pair a streamlined jacket and color-blocked tank with skinny jeans or leggings and sneakers.

And, as has been the case for several seasons, florals can be found everywhere. From dresses to blouses, bags to scarves, floral prints can comprise a whole outfit, or simply add a pop of color in the form of an accessory. Floral offers an easy, feminine look and can accent almost anything.

As with any trend, wearing it head-to-toe can make it look like more of a costume than an outfit; a season’s trends are more about taking an idea and applying it for an overall feel and less about making an entire outfit of literal pieces. If taken too literally, one may end up looking like they actually are going on an African safari or attending one of Jay Gatsby’s famous summer parties. Instead, take style cues from the trends and pair single pieces with those already owned for a look that is unique and personal.

All of these trends provide modest cuts, with longer hemlines and looser cuts. Each gives the opportunity to dress pieces up or down so that it is relevant to numerous situations. There is something for all styles, from ultra-feminine frills to more masculine, boxy cuts. Many of the color-palettes within these trends are fairly muted or neutral, with pastels making a big showing. Pops of bright color, however, breathe energy into an outfit; tangerine orange is one of the season’s most popular colors. From safari to lawn party, sportswear to florals, there is a broad spectrum of styles available to satisfy every girl’s desire this spring.

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