“The Star” is a Humorous Family-Friendly Movie with Purpose

As the holiday season quickly gets underway, there will be several Hollywood blockbuster films, movie trailers and commercials that will create lots of interest. It’s easy for some motion pictures to be overlooked. What if there was a cartoon movie that brought both children and adults together to revisit the birth of Christ?

Coming this November, just before families sit down to celebrate Thanksgiving, make plans to go see in theaters “The Star.” From the studio that brought you “Miracles from Heaven” and “Cloudy with a Chance of Meat Balls.” It’s a film about the story of the first Christmas told from the perspective of various animals. Meet Bo (Small donkey full of big dreams), Dave (Wise-cracking Dove and best friend of Bo), Ruth (Smart and helpful sheep) and three wisecracking camels.


The true meaning of Christmas

The Sony Pictures Animated film, takes viewers through the brief review of how Mary (The mother of Jesus) was chosen to carry the messiah. Both Mary and Joseph also realize that God has a plan for them despite the challenges they encounter to reach Bethlehem.

Nevertheless, “The Star” is an animated film that explains the true meaning of Christmas. The movie reinforces through the various animals that we all are created for a purpose. Bo believes he is destined for more than just being tied up inside a mill. His desire is to be a part of the Royal Caravan that is coming to town. Bo’s best friend Dave is also in search of the Royal Caravan. Later, Bo meets Ruth a smart and helpful sheep who has left her flock to pursue the star shining in the sky. Both characters cross paths with the same goal in mind.  

As the film showcases how Bo, Dave and Ruth are all on a quest to see the significance of the star. The movie then introduces the three wise men and their camels. Sounds familiar? But these are not your average camels Cyrus (voice of Movie Director Tyler Perry), Felix (voice of Comedian Tracy Morgan) and Deborah (voice of Talk Show Host Oprah Winfrey). We later see other animals joining together all to ensure the birth of the messiah is not hindered by King Herod.


Pursuing The Star and God’s Purpose

The focus of the movie is the story of the first Christmas as well as Mary and Joseph’s journey to parenthood. Yet, “The Star” also touches upon subject matters of self-doubt, forgiveness, faith and the meaning of pursuing our purpose for existence rather than our own desires. One particular scene shows Joseph telling Mary that Bo is just a useless donkey despite his efforts to protect her from King Herod’s hitman. Bo has a moment where he doubts whether he can protect Mary and Joseph. He decides to go back to pursuing his dream of joining the royal caravan. As his opportunity becomes available, Bo senses in his heart that helping Mary is more important. He then informs Dave that the caravan is no longer important to him.


Lessons from “The Star”

“The Star” will remind viewers of a couple of things: First, the birth of Christ is what truly matters. Second, when we pursue God’s purpose, eventually we will reach the destination he has for us. Third, Children can see the difference between their plans and God’s purpose for their life. Fourth, Parents and adults will be inspired to discovered their purpose while remembering that sometimes our dreams must be put on hold.

Overall, the Sony Pictures Animation is both filled with humor and truly explains the real meaning of Christmas according to the Bible. It’s not just a film you can enjoy but will also develop family discussions around the table. Seeing the story of the first Christmas told through the eyes of the animals rather than actual people shows how God can use anything he has created to fulfill his overall purpose.

The Star is set to hit theaters Friday November 17. For more information about the animated motion picture or tickets check out TheStarMovie.com .

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