StrikeForce 421 Gifts Grants to Five Local Charities

strikeforce 421
From left to right – Many But One: John Detweiler, Anna English, Treasha Detweiler, Sheri Hecocks, Robbie Pinera; Youth For Christ: Kristen North, David Smith, Marqui Cambronero, Jonathan Padron; Hearts For Moms: Sheila Lloyd, Angela Ball, Tanisha Mobley, Ray & Denny Megginson; Sonrise Mission: Steven Jackson, Marion Adair, Victor Adair, Cynthia Walker, Lee Pilcher, Sandy McNulty; Grace Place School: Eizabeth Coldren & Judit Sohr

During their annual Spring Celebration on March 16, StrikeForce 421, a women’s giving circle, gave away $210,700, funding all five of their grant finalists thanks to their circle of Pledge Partners.

StrikeForce 421 Gives Out Grants

Grace Place School received $31,700 to grow their Small Business Development Program for at-risk youth. 

Hearts for Moms received $50,000 to provide innovative programs to empower single moms and their children for a prosperous future and reach 14 new single moms in Boca Raton this year.

Many But One received $39,000 to fund their summer program and advance the gospel through training in the arts for those who would otherwise not be able to financially afford this nurturing of their God-given talents.

Sonrise Mission received $65,000 to fully fund the purchase of a 15 passenger Ford Transit XL van, insurance for one year, and custom wrapping of the van, which will be used to transport program members to work projects and events.

Youth for Christ received $25,000 to double the number of youth reached through their Broward County outreach from 600 to 1,200.

StrikeForce 421 believes in making a radical impact in ministries in our community. Pledge Partners give $1,000 or more each year, which is all given away to ministries. Learn more at

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