Students Exploring Health Careers Visit Covenant Village

Covenant Village of Florida recently played host to a group of 25 high school students participating this summer in the AIM (Achieve in Medicine) High program at Nova Southeastern University. Those students are exploring careers in health professions. The visit to Covenant Village of Florida was an opportunity to spend time with residents and obtain a point of view regarding what life is like for older adults.

While at the community, residents interacted with the students by showing them some of the creative art projects such as Create-a-Bear and woodworking. The Villagers, a resident band, played a few songs for the group and several resident Veterans’ told their stories about serving their country.

“The student were quite surprised by the many things happening at our campus and how much we all do here in giving back to the community,” said Ann Baldassarre, Covenant Village of Florida resident. “I think all of us were humbled that the students wanted to take the time to learn from us.”

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