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Submission RedAs a South Florida resident, you have probably heard of Calvary Chapel Fort Lauderdale (CCFL) and 4KIDS of South Florida, two important local ministries that are making an undeniable impact for Christ both in the local community and around the nation. However, you may be less familiar with a powerhouse in today’s Christian rock scene who has strong ties to both CCFL and 4KIDS. Submission Red emerged onto the national Christian music scene in 2008, after the guitar player for Skillet found the band on MySpace and brought them up to Chicago to record their first album. Since then, Submission Red has recorded a total of three albums, shared the stage with the likes of Skillet, Disciple, Decyfer Down, Flyleaf and 7eventh Day Slumber, and is now preparing to set out on their second national tour. With a sound similar to mainstream band Paramore, Submission Red delivers a powerful driving sound, intricate guitar riffs, and catchy, hard hitting vocals served up by front-woman Yvonne Winfrey.

There are some significant aspects of Submission Red that set the group apart from your average rock band; most evident is Winfrey herself. As an African American woman, Winfrey’s role as the lead singer of a rock band is intriguing from the onset. Lyrically speaking, Submission Red addresses real-life pains, issues and struggles through masterfully-crafted songs on par with the best of their secular counterparts. Yet perhaps the most impressive aspect of Submission Red is that they truly view their music as a ministry. Winfrey shares, “Part of Submission Red’s mission statement is that we want to be a bridge to the church. We know there are people who would never step foot into a church, but we want to be the bridge. When I see these big, huge tattooed guys raising their hands to a song like “Inside,” it really confirms to me that God is in this, and that He is using our music to change lives.”

Beyond the ministry that takes place through their lyrical content and live performances, Submission Red uses their public platform to be strong advocates for children in the foster care system. In her former role as a staff member and house parent for 4KIDS of South Florida, Winfrey became passionate about the orphan crisis in America today. During that time, Winfrey adopted two children of her own. Her two sons, whom Winfrey homeschools, now travel on tour with the band and even address the crowd at Submission Red shows to share about their experiences as former orphans. Submission Red speaks around the country on behalf of foster care, and connects with local agencies whenever possible to bring foster kids out to attend their shows free of charge.

The band’s newest album, Untamed Ones, will be released through Dream Records on October 23. Winfrey shares, “The recording of Untamed Ones is nothing less than a miracle because it simply wasn’t supposed to happen. The band has been through a lot of changes, blood, sweat and tears in the last year.” Winfrey shares how it was only through the support of Dream Records, the steadfast tenacity of bass player Ryan Horner, and the faithfulness of God that the album came to fruition. New features on Untamed Ones include the crafty guitar work of Stevie Benz (Between the Trees, Rookie of the Year), as well as the songwriting talents of Jeffrey McDuffie, Winfrey’s brother who is a worship leader out of Celebration Church in Jacksonville, and who co-wrote several of the songs on the album. With a theme of freedom from the trappings of this world, Untamed Ones is a collection of diverse, deep pop rock songs. The album holds on to all the passion and energy that Submission Red fans have come to love, but adds tasty, catchy guitar performances and unforgettable sing-a-long lyrics and melodies to the Submission Red sound.

Submission Red will embark on a national tour, kicking off on the East Coast in the middle of October, around the Untamed Ones release. The tour will then move to the Midwest and West Coast starting in February 2013.

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