Summer Fitness Ideas

Summer Fitness IdeasSummertime affords lots of fun and exciting things to do outdoors, preferably in the early morning or early evening.

Do so with these fun fitness ideas:

Jump rope
Burn approximately 11-14 calories a minute with this full body workout: singles, doubles, one-legged, high-knees, running, three-person combos (one in the middle).

The whole family can do this workout together. Depending on your size and workout intensity, your body will burn approximately 70-120 calories per mile. Find a nice beach, trail or park. Stay hydrated by drinking from your water bottle every five minutes.

Bicycle Riding
Burn 270-800 calories per hour (depending on your weight, terrain, and intensity with this great leg workout that can be done almost anywhere, (such as one of your local county parks). You can usually rent bicycles and protective gear from most large parks if you do not own your own.

Gather your friends and family to play softball, whiffle ball, soccer, volleyball or football. Make an event of it with a picnic at a nice park.

Burn more than 100 calories when you jump on the trampoline for 30 minutes a day. This low-impact, anti-gravity cardio workout functions as a low stress workout on your joints.

Depending on your weight and the intensity of your swim, your body can burn 200-700 calories in 30 minutes. Cool off on hot summer days while working your whole body.

CrossFit Classes
Many local CrossFit gyms offer a variety of daily classes that include a combination of olympic powerlifting, body weight exercises and gymnastics.

Paddle Boarding
Many places rent out paddle and even give you lessons on how to properly use them. Jump in the water when you get hot.
May the Lord continue to bless you as you enjoy staying fit this summer.

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