Recently The Good News caught up with Tricia Brock, lead vocals for the band Superchic[k], Matt Dally, bass guitar, and Melissa Brock, guitar & vocals, at Palm Beach County’s Christian music festival WayFest.

Is there a specific song recently that has a lot of meaning to you?

Melissa Brock: Our songs [or someone else’s]?  “So beautiful” is probably my favorite one. Kind of like our girl anthem song on the record. It’s one of those things that encourage girls to find their beauty from within, not according to the world’s standards. It’s a chant to remind ourselves that we are so beautiful.

Matt Dally:“Hard Knock Life” by little orphan Annie –it’s in the musical. Any Toto – Toto songs are inspirational.” [jokingly]

What brought you to God?

Matt Dally: My parent’s car drove me to church every Sunday. My Dad was a pastor, and I was raised in the church. I obviously accepted Christ at a younger age and really decided to dedicate my life to Him when I was 17 years old. Having that foundation helped me to make a real decision later in life that was a conscious one, not just a “oh Jesus come into my heart, I don’t really know what that means…”

How did you get your name?

Melissa Brock: It was the email address of one of our fans.

What was your name before?

Matt Dally: It [the band] was called Casting Crowns. Then after that, we changed it to Michael W. Smith, because there was already a band named Casting Crowns. And then we heard that there was one of those too; so then it became Superchic[k]. There was a TobyMac in there, too.

So before you were a band you had fans?

Matt Dally: I guess … never thought of it like that before.
What is the most embarrassing thing that has ever happened on stage?

Matt Dally: Something happened just the other day. There is this part [in a song] where I grab the mic and kinda do this rap thing. I noticed my fly was down. So like what do you do? No matter what, I’m going to get letters. So I just rapped with my back toward the audience because … what was I going to do?

What are some meaningful things you have recently heard from fans?

Tricia Brock: Last night, I had a girl come up and tell me her daughter had been … in a place that was really far from God, and our song “Stand at the Rain” was kind of what was pulling her back. She comes to our show just because of that song. Her mom says that she feels like she is getting her back. So to hear a song that you have written can actually bring someone back to God is obviously huge.

Melissa Brock: On this tour, I have had girls come up every night and share how a song has impacted their lives. Sometimes it’s just a simple thing like, “You helped me through high school; you were my support.” Some kids say they were going to kill themselves and maybe one of our songs came on the radio and they didn’t because of it.  When you think about something you made being used in a grander scheme like that, you understand that God is much bigger than you realize.

Tricia Brock: It’s more than just selling records and trying to get famous. At the end of the night, we feel like it’s a calling.

Do you like zebras?

Tricia Brock: I love everything black and white: clothes, stripes, my hair, my dog, my car. (FJ Cruiser Toyota with a white top.)

Melissa Brock: I call it [her car] Shamu.

What inspired you to write “You need that Guy like a bowling ball dropped on your head?”

Melissa Brock: A lot of mean boys in our lives and seeing so many of our friends dating these silly boys they don’t need to be dating. It’s kind of a fun song. Think the boys wrote it for Tricia. It’s lighthearted, but at the same time a lot of girls will date a guy that is not good to them, and we wanted to get the point across that you deserve so much better and there are good men out there. If you just wait and let them grow up, you will find a good guy; but why [allow yourself to] be treated badly right now?

Is there a specific central message that you are trying to communicate through your music?

Matt Dally: Since the beginning, we have had a message that God has a purpose and a plan for everybody’s life. Sometimes it’s easy to use the excuses that “I’m too young” and “God can’t use me”. Or even the opposite for parents: “I’m too old” or “I’ve got a mortgage and kids.” The bottom line is that we are supposed to be obedient to God. If He is calling us to pack up the kids and go to Africa, then that’s what we need to do because God has something huge in store for us if we are obedient to his calling and step out in faith.  It’s exciting because I like to see this next generation of kids coming up and trying new things, feeling like God has called me to go to college to be a writer or a teacher; or that God has not called me to college and [wants me to] be in a band or make pottery. Whatever it is that God has called you to do, go after it 100 percent and don’t let anybody tell you different.

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