‘Synergize 2024’ Unites Ministry Leaders from Every World Region for the Fulfillment of the Great Commission by 2030

ORLANDO, Feb. 22, 2024 — Global Church Network (GCN), a growing coalition of more than 2,750 denominations and 700,000 churches, concluded its biennial Synergize Pastors and Leaders Conference last week on Friday, February 16 by challenging international ministry leaders from 80 nations to play an active role in helping to fulfill the Great Commission by the year 2030 — the 2,000th birthday of the Christian Church.

With the goal of equipping, networking and mobilizing one million new ministers to help accomplish Christ’s most important mandate to believers, the Conference gathered more than 900 leaders representing every world region, February 14-16, in Orlando, Florida.

In his opening remarks, GCN visionary founder, Dr. James O. Davis, delivered a call to action, urging that synergistic global evangelism is imperative as the Church enters the most important decade of fulfilling the Great Commission in history.

“This is a provided, present, priceless, providential, passing day,” said Dr. Davis. “We can either use it or lose it. The Kingdom of God is built on relationships — first with the Lord and then with each other. Our commitment must be to complete, not compete. Everyone has a role in the goal and a part in God’s heart.”

The three-day conference featured 25 renowned plenary speakers sharing powerful messages related to the Synergize 2024 theme of “The Unhindered Gospel” — a reference to the last verse of the book of Acts which says the Gospel was shared “with all boldness and without hindrance!” Daily breakout sessions addressed best practices related to modern evangelism, prayer, missions, technology in ministry and leadership development.

“We must embrace an uncommon proclamation, an uncompromising passion, an uncomfortable persistence and an unwavering purpose,” said Dr. Davis. “We are living in Acts 29 today, as church leaders are still telling the story. The Apostle Paul was in prison, but you can’t lock up the Gospel – it’s ‘unhindered.’”

On the second day of the conference, Dr. Tommy Barnett, Founder of Dream City Church and Dream Centers International, and Dr. Davis announced “Jerusalem 2030,” scheduled to convene at the International Convention Center (ICC) in Jerusalem on June 9-11, 2030, to celebrate what the Lord has done in our generation. Registration is now open for 3,000 distinguished leaders to attend in honor of the first 3,000 who came to Christ exactly two millennia earlier when the Apostle Peter preached his sermon at the First Pentecost, consummating the birth of the Church.

In preparing for the historic and groundbreaking gathering in Jerusalem, the Global Church Network set strategic missional goals at the Wittenberg 2017 Conference on November 1, 2017. These missional goals include: 1) Enlisting of nine billion prayers for the upcoming nine billion world population; 2) Establishing 800 Hubs in the Global Hubs of Christianity; 3) Equipping one million new ministers throughout the Body of Christ through the Global Church Divinity School and Hubs; 4) Empowering FINISH Summits in every world region; and 5) Entering the hardest 3,000 unreached people groups with the gospel.

Christian leaders in Africa, Europe and Asia have already set a collective goal of training 425,000 pastors – and 169 Hubs are already operational.

Since its inception in 2002, the Synergize Pastors and Leaders Conference has drawn more than 75,000 leaders from more than 100 nations representing 100 denominations. For more information, visit synergize.tv.

More information about “Jerusalem 2030” can be found at gcnw.tv.

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