The Lost Medallion

The Lost Medallion is a fantasy adventure story that kids are sure to love, and parents are sure to appreciate the positive message and spiritual undertones that the film conveys.

The story starts when Daniel Anderson stops by a foster home to drop off some donations on his way to a ball game. After briefly speaking with one of the young girls who lives in the home, Daniel discovers that the woman who normally comes to the house to entertain the children with stories is absent. Albeit slightly against his will, Daniel decides to tell the kids a story of his own. He cleverly weaves the names of some of the foster kids into the story to help engage them and, once he has their attention, the tale begins.

Daniel tells a tale of a great and loving king who created a magical medallion that had the power to grant the wishes of any pure-hearted person who wore it. The good king used the medallion to bring prosperity to his people, and defend them from the armies of Cobra; an evil man who sought to steal the medallion and make himself king of the land. However, the medallion is taken from the king by his greedy and arrogant son, and after the king is slain, the magical token is lost for several centuries.

In the present day, Billy Stone is the son of an archaeologist who is searching feverishly to find the lost medallion. Billy longs for his father’s approval and affection, and hopes that by finding the medallion he will finally earn his father’s love. Along with his friend Allie, Billy manages to find the missing talisman, but its power pulls Billy and Allie back in time. They find themselves in a time not long after the good king’s death, and see that Cobra is still searching for the medallion to make him invincible to all who would oppose him. It’s up to Billy, Allie and the friends they make along the way to stop Cobra, and bring peace to the land once more.

This is director Bill Muir’s first full length feature film, but he is no stranger to Christian media, having written and produced several other projects. When asked what inspired him to write the screenplay for The Lost Medallion, Muir replied, “I was going into a movie one afternoon and noticed a mother and her two kids looking for a movie. Not finding a children’s movie, they walked back to their car disappointed. I decided there was a need for more good family films.”

One of the deepest underlying messages of The Lost Medallion is that nothing happens by accident, and that there is a purpose in everything. Muir says, “I wrote the screenplay so that children would realize how valuable they were and that their lives were filled with meaning and purpose. I thought it would be fun to drop that theme into an Indiana Jones type setting.” This shines through in the character of Allie most of all. Allie, who was abandoned by her mother and lives in an orphanage, struggles to believe that she has any worth. Through her journey, she learns that her life was no accident to God, and that she was created with value and purpose. Credit is also due to Muir for making Allie into a strong female character for girls to look up to. She doesn’t just play the damsel in distress; instead, at times in the film, she is the one having to be brave and save the other characters. Billy is a great character for the boys in the audience to identify with, as he is brave, self sacrificing, willing to fight for what is right, and overcomes his pride.

If you have been searching for a fun-filled adventure film that you can actually watch with the little ones, look no further than The Lost Medallion.

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