‘The Return:’ A Movement for Thousands to Pray for Repentance on The Washington Mall, Sept. 26

Jonathan Cahn, Dr. James Dobson, Pat Robertson, Ann Graham Lotz, Alveda King, Kevin Jessip and Many More Join for ‘The Day of Return’—a National and Global Day of Prayer and Repentance

NEW YORK—Many people around the nation believe that America has been given a critical window of opportunity to repent and return to God. To that end, thousands will gather on the Washington Mall to participate in a movement called The Return,” set for Sept. 26, 2020, in Washington, D.C., to pray for the sake of our nation and its people.


Jonathan Cahn, New York Times best-selling author of “The Harbinger,” “The Paradigm,” “The Book of Mysteries” and his newest book, “The Oracle,” says in a video already viewed this week by over 520,000 people, that “America and much of western civilization was founded on a biblical foundation stone, but it has turned away from that foundation.”


“We have not only driven God out of our public life,” Cahn says, “and have called what is good evil and what is sin good, but we have sacrificed the lives of over 60 million unborn children. And America’s fall from God is not only progressing—it’s accelerating—to the point that it is no longer just a falling away but a war against the purposes of God.


“The biblical template concerning judgment is that the nation so warned is given a space of time—to return or to head for judgment and calamity,” he continues. “We are now in that window of time, but if America continues on its present course, that window will come to an end and there will come a flood that will begin the end of religious freedom, even usher in persecution and seal America’s fall. And if America falls, it will affect the entire world.”


Believers and leaders from every walk of life are already part of “The Return” include Dr. James Dobson, Pat Robertson, Ann Graham Lotz, Alveda King, Kevin JessipMichele Bachmann, Gordon Robertson, Marcus Lamb, Bishop Harry Jackson—and many more.


Cahn goes on to say that 2020 is crucial as it leads to a presidential election in which the stakes are higher and the necessity of prayer—more critical than ever before. And even if the election goes in the direction of biblical values and righteousness—if America doesn’t see a spiritual turning, an awakening, repentance and revival—then all political, legal, judicial and cultural efforts will ultimately fail or be undone.


“We have a window of time, and the purpose of that window is return and revival,” Cahn continues. “Without that return, America will be lost. In the days following 9/11, people flocked to houses of worship, and it looked as if there could have been a spiritual revival and awakening. But it never came because there was no repentance. And without repentance, without a turning back, there can be no revival.  


“But I have seen once in my lifetime the hand of God change the course of American and world history,” he adds, “and it all began not in the halls of government but with the people of God who gathered in a sacred assembly in our nation’s capital with Scripture: ‘If My people who are called by My name will humble themselves and pray and seek My face and turn from their sinful ways, I will hear from heaven, I will forgive their sin, and I will heal their land.’


“It can happen again. But if we don’t respond now at this most critical moment, we may never have the chance to do so again. The Return—The National and Global Day of Prayer and Repentance. It will be a day, and more than a day, a time and season for the moving for prayer, repentance, return and revival.”


The central day of “The Return” movement will be Saturday, Sept. 26, in a sacred assembly according to what is laid forth in Scripture, taking place in the nation’s capital on the Washington Mall. But it will also take place throughout America in events in cities, towns, houses of worship and homes, especially for those who can’t travel to Washington, as well as in other nations around the world.


“The Return” is set for 40 days before the presidential election, and on the 400th anniversary of the sailing of the Mayflower, in the days of America’s founding and dedication to God.


“When does the movement for ‘The Return’ begin?” Cahn asks. “Right now. How? With you and me as we commit this time and this year for return, prayer, repentance and revival—to commit first to our own repentance and to begin actually living in revival, and then to pray for others, the return and revival of our nation, and the world. You who are parents, begin by leading your families in revival; ministers, lead your groups in revival; pastors, lead your churches in revival; leaders of ministries, movements, denominations, lead your people into revival. Let the believers, pastors and churches in your area know. Use social media, use everything you can to spread the word, so they can have a part.”


Surrounding the “The Day of Return” on Sept. 26 will be 10 days, known from ancient times as the Days of Awe, to be set as a special time of prayer and repentance from Sept. 18-28. Visit “The Return” at www.thereturnwebsite.org to register and learn more.




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