The Truth about Israel

The Truth about IsraelSupport for Israel runs deep in this country for a number of reasons. According to recent polls, as many as 80 percent of American Christians feel a moral obligation to support Israel. A large part of this is due to the influence of the Bible, but there is also an appreciation for Israel’s democratic values as well as empathy with Israel – since the same terrorist organizations that want to destroy the Jewish state have also attacked America.

Another value that runs deep in American society is truthfulness, therefore dishonesty is frowned upon. For this reason, many Americans are quite gullible and simply believe what they are told because of the assumption that they are being told the truth.

This may have been the case in years gone by, but today the world is quickly changing. While America has been known for Christian values such as honesty and morality, these qualities are coming under vicious attack. The change is happening so rapidly that it has caught many off guard.

Anti-semitic propaganda
This can be seen especially in regards to the Israel issue. The global propaganda campaign to delegitimize and demonize Israel that is prevalent in the Muslim world and in post-Christian Europe is now finding its way here and can be found on American college campuses, in social media, and in liberal institutions.

A young Israeli man, Hen Mazzig, came to the Pacific Northwest for four months this year to speak on college campuses and in high schools and churches. He spoke about the history of modern Israel, his experience growing up there and his service as an officer in the IDF COGAT unit that assists and promotes Palestinian civil society. After speaking to over 16,000 people at many institutions he wrote an article describing his complete shock at the “gut-wrenching, anti-Israel, anti-Semitic hostility expressed by many students, professors, church members and even high school students.” He concluded “I never expected to encounter such hatred and lies. I never believed that such anti-Semitism still existed, especially in the U.S.”

The danger is not just that America’s support for Israel will be eroded due to this campaign, but that our belief in the Bible – the foundation of Israel’s significance and America’s greatness – will also be diminished. For this reason, it is very important that young people know where to find the facts and information necessary to arrive at the truth and to give an answer in defense of the truth.

Is Israel an apartheid state?
Take, for example, the accusation that Israel is an apartheid state. There is actually no truth to this accusation, but it is a brilliant use of an emotive concept that carries with it a call to action. This is because the only other time in history the term was employed was in regards to the South African apartheid regime; a racist government brought down in 1996 through international protests and sanctions.

Israel’s enemies have concluded that if Israel can be branded an apartheid state then she, too, can be brought down through international protests and a campaign of boycotts, divestment and sanctions. For this reason, there is a growing annual protest called Israeli Apartheid Week on college campuses around the world, including campuses across Florida.

A few facts that will help combat this lie are as follows. Today there are 1.4 million Arab-Israelis who make up approximately 20 percent of Israel’s population. Arabs occupy senior positions in all sectors of Israeli society – from the Supreme Court and parliament to the arts and business. Salim Jubran, Supreme Court Justice; Nawaf Massalha, former Deputy Foreign Minister; Mira Awwad, popular singer who represented Israel in the Eurovision song contest; and Angelina Fares, the former Ms. Israel, are all Israeli Arabs.

They enjoy full equal civil rights. In fact, the freest Arab population in the Middle East lives in Israel. It is also the only country in the region where the Christian population is growing. Many Muslims – inside and outside of Israel – have made clear that Israel is not an apartheid state, but rather a model for toleration in a region filled with sectarian violence. Kenneth Meshoe, a South African Member of Parliament, is very outspoken that Israel is not an apartheid state and to accuse her of being so insults the millions of Black South Africans who suffered under true apartheid.

Finding answers
Where can the American Christian community find the facts and information needed to defend Israel and to defend their own support of Israel? The website is an easy-to-use site, in a question and answer format, with straightforward answers as well as links to supporting documentation and other resources.

This is the information age and, as a result, this generation is being bombarded with so much information that it has to dig through mountains of it in order to arrive at the truth. This is an overwhelming task on complex issues. Knowing where to go for balanced analysis, supporting documentation and abundant resources is crucial. When you find a truthful source, spread the truth around! is one.

Susan Michael is the US Director of the International Christian Embassy Jerusalem. She can be reached at [email protected].

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