The Church With Lots of Potential

There have been a lot of changes and big events going on at Potential Church in Cooper City. If the new name sounds unfamiliar, you may remember them as Flamingo Road Church. Changing the name was one of the church’s main changes of 2010. On the weekend of 10.10.10., over 14,000 people formerly known as Flamingo Road made the name change to reflect the growing international presence of the church that now has campuses in North and South America, along with a growing online and international television presence and audience.

In regards to the church’s new name, Lead Pastor Troy Gramling recently stated, “Our new name reveals where we are going. ‘Potential’ pushes us to hope; it pushes us to our future and helps us live out our mission to partner with people to reach their God potential.”

In addition to a major name change, Potential Church started off the 2011 year changing the lives of many in a big way. The church wrapped up its Spin The Bottle series with a one-of-a-kind wedding celebration that commenced on February 16, 2011. 48 people said “I do” simultaneously for the first time. Those who took part in the Spin The Bottle series spent four weeks learning about different topics including relationships, sex and marriage. At the end of the four weeks, many decided to take their relationship to the next level and tie the knot.

Potential Church’s very own Troy Gramling married the couples during the service – with each bride walking to her very own processional, while her excited groom, family and friends watched. Pastor Troy Gramling commented on the event, stating that the church ‘wanted to honor each couple in an individual way and at the same time celebrate that they all took their next step of obedience together’. Pastor Gramling believes the event has set a new record-breaking tradition at Potential Church.

Potential Church is a rapidly-growing church with many locations, running after a huge vision. Pastor Troy Gramling, Lead Pastor of Potential Church, is fueled by his passion and his burden to partner with people to reach their God potential as they connect with God, become like Christ, and influence their world. Potential Church has grown from 2,000 to over 13,000 under Pastor Troy’s leadership. He excels in leadership development and is well known for his extreme creativity in designing unexpected worship experiences. Potential Church currently has six campuses located in Cooper City, Hallandale Beach, Miami, and Pensacola, FL as well as Lima, Peru and on the Internet. More information can be found at

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