The Corruptible

Ray Quinn is cynical, bitter and somewhat aimless. You can’t really blame him. Crippled by a gunman’s bullet, Ray was forced into retiring from his life as an Orlando homicide detective. His new life is bookended by his two “friends” Jim and Joe. Ray relies on Jim Beam to get him to sleep and a “cup of joe” to wake him up.

That bullet that crippled Ray? There were more where that came from- one of which struck and killed his partner, Tricia, with whom he had just begun to express his tender, and tentative, love to.

Lost in the story

Did I mention that Ray is a fictional character? If you lost track of that fact, it is a testimony to both Mark Mynheir’s skill and experience that Ray Quinn comes to life within the pages of this follow-up to The Night Watchman.

The Corruptible picks up the story of Ray Quinn and his rag-tag staff at The Night Watchman Private Detective Agency which includes Pam, a possible contender for the position of love interest if Ray can ever manage to extricate his heart. As a believer in Christ, Pam serves as the perfect foil for both Mark’s initial contempt and ultimately his growing respect of the faith she not only professes but which marks her daily life.

Mark my words

Don’t be deceived. This is not solely an incredibly engrossing hard-boiled murder mystery, although even sticklers for procedure will revel in the authentic detail. Mynheir has managed to provide readers a novel which allows them to plunge headlong into the thoughts, actions, and motives of people who “exist” solely on the pages of his novel and within his fertile imagination. A task which any writer will agree looks the most effortless only when blood is spilled (along with sweat) on the part of the writer.

About the Author

Born and raised on the east coast of Central Florida, Mark battled dyslexia and dysgraphia throughout his education – finding success in sports, including football and martial arts.

After four years in the Marines, Mark entered law enforcement where sympathetic co-workers and a lot of hustle on his part hid his daily struggles with the endless paperwork associated with the job – a job in which he excelled as he worked as a narcotics agent, S.W.A.T. team member and Palm Bay homicide detective.

A health crisis with his oldest son led Mark to investigate the claims of Christ as revealed in the pages of the Bible. The once self-described hard-drinking, profane man who struggled with the minimum requirements of written communication became a husband, father, police officer and novelist highly respected and loved by family, friends and readers for his finely-tuned and incredibly engaging novels.

About his inspiration

After attending his first Florida Christian Writers Conference over a decade ago, Mark points to this annual conference as the place where he successfully pitched his novels, secured an agent and widened his circle of colleagues around the country.

This year, Mark is scheduled to co-lead the Fiction block of classes, an honor which he sees as his opportunity to give back to eager writers in the same way that he received encouragement each time he attended the Florida Christian Writers Conference.

Start … Write Now… And Win

In recognition of the elements of Mark’s success story at work within prospective writers around our community, The Good News is offering a scholarship to the upcoming Florida Christian Writers Conference. Submitting your entry is simple. Write an article (500-800 words) profiling an individual or organization within the tri-county area (Miami-Dade, Broward or Palm Beach County) that has impacted our community for the better. It could be your neighbor who mentors young men at the area middle school, the Girl Scout troop that raised money to buy furniture after a family’s house fire, or your church’s prison Life . E-mail your story and a picture of the subject to  [email protected] before midnight February 15, 2011 and you may be one step closer to making 2011 the year you’re published.

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