The Josh Bramos Band

Josh Bramos’ curiosity for music started at an early age. As he worked his way through learning various musical instruments, his love for music grew deeper, and his talent truly began to shine through.

During high school, while he was juggling both sports and music, Bramos made a tough decision.

“I remember when Josh was in 10th grade, and he told my husband and I about his decision to quit sports. We were surprised at first, but listening to him play his guitar, piano and drums, and seeing his desire for it, I trusted him in the decision he was making,” states Cheryl Bramos, Josh’s mother.

With a reputation of being a gifted athlete, some were confused when he decided to pursue music full-time, but seeing where Josh is today is a testament that he made an excellent decision.

Josh is now the lead vocalist of the Josh Bramos Band, along with his brother and drummer Jacob Bramos, keyboardist Steven Goss, electric guitarist Chad Gibson and base guitarist John Remillet.

Formed just a short year and a half ago, the band has experienced some truly unique experiences that many only dream of.

Everything really took off about a year ago when Josh had the opportunity to meet a businessman named Joe Zappoli at his coffeehouse, Java Delite’s. Joe had heard through a friend that Josh had recently put together a great band. Eager to hear him sing that very instant, Joe called and asked his wife to bring a guitar to the coffeehouse for Josh to show off his skills.

Apparently, Joe was very impressed. He funded the band to produce a professional CD and introduced Bramos to a booking agent in Nashville, Tenn.

“He took me to Nashville, and I had the opportunity to play in front of the writers for Tim McGraw and Willie Nelson. I had the chance to meet so many people up there, it was incredible,” states Josh, humbly. “Through that experience, I was able to meet the founders of Rock the Desert in Texas. They really liked our music and mentioned this talent search contest they were having. We wound up winning the contest and had the opportunity to play at Rock the Desert, opening up for Chris Tomlin and Toby Mac.”

Then, another great opportunity arose for Josh and his band members.

Last month, the Josh Bramos Band was chosen to compete against 12 other bands in Nashville, hoping to win a coveted development contract with WORD Records, a division of Warner Music Group. Unfortunately, the band did not win this competition.

But Joe adds, “Managing Josh and his band has been nothing short of exciting. From the first moment I experienced Josh play at my local coffeehouse, I knew he was a star. There are a lot of talanted people out there, but few are star-quality. … I know Josh and the band will be winners regardless of the results.”

Even though the band has experienced some amazing opportunities in a short period of time, its band members stay grounded and faithful.

“We are still shocked. The first thing we thought is, ‘Who we are that God is mindful of us?’ We are such a small band. Why are we getting these huge opportunities unless God’s hand was in it? He has brought us this far, and we ask Him if He wants us to continue doing this, then to keep opening doors for us and, if not, then to let us know,” explains Josh. “The biggest thing I want to get across is not to forget about our Savior. If I can just mention his name on the stage and let our fans know who we are serving and why we are doing this, I believe then we have succeeded as a band and as Christians. We need to acknowledge that we are not ashamed of Christ, and He is not ashamed of us.”

Starting his relationship with Jesus at the tender age of 6, while simultaneously experiencing a bout with chickenpox, it was quite clear to Josh’s mother that he was special.

“I remember when Josh came back from youth camp one year in his teens. He wrote ‘I love Jesus’ on a shirt and rode around on his bicycle for the neighbors to see. He really wasn’t very outgoing at that age, but he started becoming very confident. I knew then that God truly had His hand on my son,” she recollects. “I want only what God wants in their life. I wouldn’t wish that fame on any Christian unless God was right there and it was His plan and His will … because with fame and fortune comes a lot of trials and tribulations.”

Josh continues to serve the Lord and use the talents he was blessed with. At 22, Josh is now a full-time worship pastor at Victory Life Church in Plantation.

“I’ve always dreamt of being a musician and traveling around with my wife and the band,” Josh says, pointing out his wife Mackenzie. “I am still amazed and so thankful for everything that has happened to us. I would love the opportunity to take the band as far as we can go and also be able to worship in our churches on Sunday mornings. That is my dream.”

To see the Josh Bramos Band live, check out their upcoming concert in October at Victory Life Church.

For more information, call 954-916-6789 or visit

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