The Necessity of Style

Many Christians question the necessity of fashion. Isn’t it worldly to spend money on clothing? Wouldn’t it be better to send our money to starving children? We really shouldn’t care so much about how we look – it makes us vain and materialistic.

While I am not discounting these arguments, I believe that fashion has a place in everyone’s life.


Consider the impression you give by ignoring fashion all together. If you go into a job interview or business meeting wearing the same “dress shirt” you’ve had since high school, paired with some ill-fitting black pants your mom gave you, chances are you won’t be taken too seriously. If for no other reason than your professional respectability, I think it is worth your time to give fashion a second chance. This consideration does not mean that you need to spend $50 on a t-shirt. In fact, that would be quite ridiculous. No, it simply means giving a bit of thought into what you put on in the morning and what that is saying about you, and perhaps recycling out those pieces that have seen better days before those armpit stains and holes got a hold of them. Often your closet just needs an update, not a complete overhaul.

When beginning this process, it is important to separate fashion from high-fashion. Wearing up-to-date clothing does not mean grabbing outfits off of the runway. Most people can’t pull that off anyway. Rather, the fashion I am speaking of is a classic, personalized look with a splash of the current trends. You don’t have to empty your wallet to make this update either; I have found several cute dresses at Goodwill. Finding your own style and updating your wardrobe is less about where you shop and more about the pieces you invest in. You can do fashion on a budget.

When making wardrobe updates, it is best to begin with the basics. Recycle out old pieces that no longer fit or are stained and in tatters. For women, it is always good to have black trousers and a well-fit white button down blouse, some dark-wash jeans and some sweaters – either pull-over or cardigans. If you’re in the business world, it is also necessary to have at least one suit that fits you really well. And every woman should have a little black dress that she can dress up or down, and fits her like a dream. You can go beyond these basics to achieve different looks by adding accessories such as scarves, shoes, necklaces and other jewelry.

Men should always have a nicely cut suit on hand, as well as jeans that fit and a couple of button-down shirts and ties. Sweaters or vests are a good way to dress up an outfit in a different way. Investing in a pair of dress shoes is also essential; aside from black, caramel-brown leather is a versatile choice. Adding scarves, hats and belts offer a variety of looks. Basically, anything more than the gym shorts/t-shirt combo is a great idea. With these staples, bought in a quality that will last, you can mix and match pieces to achieve different looks, stretching a simple wardrobe.

What is your personal style? Are you a business-casual every day type of person? Or perhaps you prefer a flannel and jeans for everyday wear. Find what you feel most comfortable in, and invest in pieces that reflect you and give you some individual flair. But don’t forget about the other end of the spectrum, as you will inevitably be put in a situation where you need to dress up or down. With this in mind, you can go far.

While most people don’t appreciate being judged based upon their appearance, the reality is that people generally look first at your outward appearance. Despite your feelings on the matter, wouldn’t it be better to make a good impression? You never know who you may meet on any given day. They may be nobody to you, or they just might be your future employer or spouse. So step it up a notch, put a little thought into your wardrobe and prepare to dazzle those around you with your stunning good looks and excellent style.

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