The Star of Bethlehem

O Star of wonder, star of night Star with royal beauty bright Westward leading, still proceeding Guide us to thy Perfect Light … and so goes the lyrics of We Three Kings as penned by John Henry Hopkins at a New York seminary in 1857.

Over the years scholars have debated if this star of wonder, the Bethlehem Star, was actually a real astronomical event or something told in stories. According to Rick Larson, host of the documentary, The Star of Bethlehem, the star was indeed an actual event and part of a dramatic poem God was writing in the sky at the time of Christ’s birth as well as before and after.

Larson, a highly educated attorney and popular Texas professor, began studying the star around the year 2000 when selecting a meaningful Christmas decoration for his house. Around that time he decided to share some of his findings with his church while teaching an essentials course for Christians.

“The class was blown away,” he says. “Soon, other churches were asking for a similar presentation.”

Today, Larson travels the world teaching on the star and the amazing events in the sky over Israel during the time of Jesus.

Larson came up with nine points from the book of Matthew and used highly scientific computer technology to turn back the clock and see actual astronomic events in the sky 2,000 years ago. 

He found mind-blowing information about the sky and the stars at the time of Jesus’ birth.

As a top attorney would, Larson studied the findings with detail and found that science supports the book of Matthew “spot-on as to what happened in the sky.”

“There was a phenomenon, a series of events in the sky,” explains Larson. 

“Jupiter and Venus in the night sky over Judea formed the brightest star anyone has ever seen.”

“And to think the star stopped over Bethlehem,” he says. “We know planets and stars don’t just stop … you’d think to have a star stop would be impossible.”

Larson’s findings conclude nothing is impossible with God and that God was doing amazing things in the sky even at the time of Jesus Christ’s conception and throughout the dramatic events of His life.

The DVD includes jaw-dropping findings and illustrations of the ancient skies, helping viewers to be in awe of Christ even more this Christmas than ever before.

Larson says the DVD has become so popular with church groups that they started making it available in six-packs because people were wanting to share it with their friends, believers and non-believers to show them just how real God is.

“Before I learned all this, Christmas was Christmas, but now that I see the fanfare God went through to announce the birth of His son, I am forever changed and Christmas is totally different.”

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