Tips for Valentine’s Day

With Valentine’s Day approaching once again, it is time to think about how you will express your love to those around you. Whether you want to show a friend, partner, spouse or family member how much you love them, remember to be creative and to give something that has real meaning and is from the heart. Sentimental or handmade gifts don’t have to be expensive, and can be a true expression of your love. Move away from the traditional and robotic practice of buying flowers and a card, and read on for some quick gift ideas to show your love, either on Valentine’s Day or any day of the year.

A handmade card

Taking the time to create something is greatly appreciated by the person on the receiving end. In addition to making the card by hand, compose a poem or write a short letter that expresses your love and appreciation, and why you are so happy to have that person in your life. 

Create a “Memories Collection”

If you enjoy scrapbooking, Valentine’s Day is a great occasion to make a scrapbook filled with favorite photographs, love letters you may have saved over the years and keepsakes from special events, like birthdays, concerts, holidays, etc.

Computer-generated gifts
If you are computer-savvy, making that special someone a DVD combination of photographs and video (if you have any from special times spent together) is a surefire way to bring a smile on Valentine’s Day. Insert your favorite song over the presentation you have made, and you will have given a gift that your loved one can treasure for many years to come!

Flowers all year long
If your beloved has a green thumb, forgo tradition and buy your sweet a beautiful plant instead of cut flowers that will only last a week or so. A potted plant allows the beauty and memory of the gift to last all year long.


Give that special someone their very own personalized gift, whether it is a piece of jewelry for her, such as a nameplate, or a monogrammed money clip or golf balls for him. A personalized saying, such as “Be mine,” “You’re the Best,” or “You make my heart smile!” on an item that will be used frequently, is the perfect reminder of your love and appreciation.

Quality time
With the hectic schedules of today’s lifestyles, giving someone your undivided attention can be the most cherished gift. Spend time together with absolutely no distractions, such as television, cell phones or computers. Sign up for a class that the two of you would both enjoy, like dancing or spending a spa day together. If the two of you enjoy the theatre, surprise your special someone with an event they would like, and plan for a romantic dinner afterwards for just the two of you.

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