Tokens of Love on Mother’s Day

Mother’s DayAs Mother’s Day approaches, offspring often fear finding the perfect gift to fit the perfect mom. Every year many ask themselves, what could I possibly get the woman who did so much for me? Never fear, there are gifts for all mothers whether they already have it all, are super picky or refuse to even hint at what they would like. For over one hundred years people have thought long and hard about what to get the most important woman in their lives.



Many people believe that Mother’s day was devised by Hallmark and other retail companies as a way to drum up business. However, according to Anna Jarvis, after the passing of her mother in 1905, determined to create a holiday that would commemorate all mothers and the work they did for their children. In 1908, after receiving the finances she needed, she planned the very first Mother’s day in a West Virginia Methodist Church. Once she saw how successful her event was, she determined to make her idea a national holiday. In 1910, West Virginia became the first state to recognized Mother’s Day as a holiday. Four years later Woodrow Wilson signed the proclamation that made Anna Jarvis’ idea a national holiday. Since that day families everywhere have felt the pressure of giving their mothers something worthy of her.



Who else in life is going to forfeit as much for her child as a loving mother? Mothers endure the pain of child birth and for some time after in worry and prayer. Mothers selflessly sacrifice to raise us into the people we are today. After what our mothers did for us, they deserve so much more than a day of recognition, so here are some ways to give mom something that truly displays appreciation for her this Mothers’ Day.


Listen up

The most important part of giving your mother a gift is being attentive and listening. When she talks about a place or food she likes, make a mental note so you can avoid the painstaking process of trying to discreetly ask her what she wants a couple days before Mother’s Day. Now, we all know the age old gifts for mom on this special holiday: flowers, chocolates, etc. This is a solid place to start. While you don’t want to be generic about your gift, it isn’t a crime to take the more commercialized way of giving gifts. However, if you do choose to give her a gift that isn’t specifically tailored to what she likes, try and add a personal spin on it. Find out what her favorite flowers are or her favorite type of chocolate. Make sure she recognizes you put thought into what you bought for her. If you’re looking to go outside the box this year, try getting her a less conventional gift.


Non-Traditional Gifts

Here are some ideas for those seeking to give mom a more unique gift. If your mother is a gardening enthusiast, take a trip to your local nursery and pick her up a new plant or some new tools. If she likes handmade items or crafts, head to A.C. Moore, Hobby Lobby or similar stores to get inspiration for something you could make for her. If you’re completely void of creativity, visit or a similar site that sells beautiful handmade jewelry, furniture, etc. If she’s hard to shop for and discreet about the things she likes, there is no harm in getting a gift card to one of her favorite stores or restaurants.

If your mother is fashionable and chic and you’re brave enough to shop for her, head to her favorite clothing store and pick out clothes or accessories you know she would love. You can never go wrong with a trip down memory lane. Create a photo album of some of your favorite times with her. There are thousands of companies that will personalize key chains or jewelry with something that represents your family. While there are tons of things out there you could give your mom, not all gifts need to be objects.


Give your time

Something moms will always love is time with you. Show your love for her by simply spending the afternoon with her. Figure out something she’s always wanted to do like go on a dinner cruise, attend a play, take an art or cooking class, or visit a museum. If you want to buy her something but came up blank when thinking about what to give her, take her on a shopping spree. Ask her what her favorite mall or stores are and spend the day treating your mom to gifts of her choosing and quality time with you. Weekend getaways are always an exciting way to treat your mother. Find a hotel in a location she would love and spend a couple days with her just letting her relax as you take care of everything for her. If you know your mom has been slaving away at a project like painting her house or sprucing up her garden, offer to help or do it for her.



Giving your mother a card along with her Mother’s Day present is expected, but shouldn’t be taken lightly. When you buy her a card, make sure you don’t just sign your name under the printed poem already on the card. Whether or not writing is your stronghold, take the time to create a card that reflects your personal appreciation of her. Write about distinct memories that strengthened your bond with her or a funny experience you shared together. Describe her character and what makes her a great mother. Write about how you feel she has made an impact on your life. No matter what you decide to buy your mom or do with her, the most important thing you can give her on Mother’s Day is a display of your love and appreciation for all that she’s done for you.


Gabriella Morris is a home-school student and a Good News Intern. She can be reached at [email protected].

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