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In the midst of one of the most contentious, combative and polarized seasons our country has ever faced lies one of the greatest opportunities for the Church in South Florida. Though fear, anxiety, anger, political identity and division have become commonplace, this bleak backdrop has sent our friends, neighbors and co-workers searching for answers – for hope. Now is the time for God’s people to demonstrate that the Church of Jesus Christ stands unified and undivided.


Throughout the month of November, Churches from across South Florida will be preaching through a common teaching series called Undivided. This three week series is meant to remind and reorient the people of God around the reality that the Church – the people of God – whether Republican or Democrat – black or white – is united by Jesus, called to the same mission, and is meant to serve as a demonstration community for God’s Kingdom lived out on earth. In the words of Doug Sauder, Senior Pastor of Calvary Chapel Fort Lauderdale, “The one thing our world most needs to see from the Church in this moment is unity. The gospel reveals this supernational unity rooted in the life, death and resurrection of Jesus. Jesus puts us in a family and on a mission together. It is this identity and mission that trumps all other allegiances and transcends all other divisions.”

More than ever, this is a moment when the Church of South Florida – made up of people of different backgrounds economically, ethnically, and politically – can show that we rally around a greater reality. Together we demonstrate love in this earthly city, but we are citizens of a heavenly kingdom. The President of the United States is not our King. Our loyalty, identity and calling are determined by who we pray to, not who we vote for. In this series, we intend to proclaim the unity we have in Jesus Christ. But more than proclaim it, we intend to release the people of God to demonstrate it to our city. This is a moment to seize. It is an opportunity to show our city something it is starving for: unity. “A divided world needs to see a united Church. The message of the Church needs to declare, ‘what unites us is far greater than what divides us.’ Jesus is the great uniter and as his Church, we are an extension of Him” said Todd Mullins, Senior Pastor of Christ Fellowship Church in West Palm Beach.


undividedHow can your church Join?

Whether for the first three weeks or last three weeks of November, we need churches from across South Florida to link arms together and jump into this series. Suggested sermon outlines, graphics, social media assets and more are all provided for you – all we need is for you to lend your unique voice and perspective to this collective effort and demonstrate to your people and those who visit your church during this season that the people of God stand undivided. David Hughes, Senior Pastor of Church by the Glades puts it this way, “I was actually pleasantly surprised at how much it meant to our people last year that we were one of dozens of South Florida churches preaching and doing the same thing at the same time. I cannot imagine the spiritual synergy this year as 100’s of churches come together across the tri-county UNDIVIDED.”

undividedTo learn more or to get your church to join the Undivided series please visit churchunitedfl.com/undivided

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