University School of NSU Students Build Food For The Poor Home in Jamaica

A destitute family in Jamaica has moved into a new Food For The Poor home thanks to the fundraising efforts of the World In Distress (WIND) Club at University School of NSU in Davie. On March 17, Food For The Poor representatives shared information about the charity’s mission during the school’s Summit on Human Dignity. The WIND Club students’ project began last year when they sent gently used school supplies, collected from their school lockers during a year-end clean sweep, to needy schools in Haiti and Jamaica. The project was taken to the next level by University School senior Matthew Lyn, who volunteered at Food For The Poor last year, and challenged WIND Club students to build a home for a needy family.

Special housing matches have fueled Food For The Poor’s ability to help change the dire circumstances of destitute families. Through the end of the year, a few generous friends of Food For The Poor have offered to match any gift received to build homes in Nicaragua, Honduras and Jamaica. A gift of $3,200 will build a single-unit home with sanitation; a gift of $6,400 will build a double-unit home with sanitation and a water component. For information regarding Food For The Poor’s home building initiative, call 954-427-2222 ext. 6064 or visit

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