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christian filmsChristian films in the theaters used to be rare events. However, we are now being blessed with more and more faith-based films, many of which deliver powerful, life-changing messages. These inspirational films are truly a “light in a dark place” that strengthen believers and can serve as an outreach to the unchurched. We can each do our part to support these films by spreading the word via social media and in our churches (posters, bulletins, showing trailers, etc.).
Bringing groups to the theaters opening weekend is key to the success of these films. Go to the film websites for trailers, theaters and other info. Note that sites like fandango.com might not list a film until the Wednesday before opening.
Opening dates are given below. Films will play at least one week.

Gimme Shelter(1/24)
An emotional, powerful film with a pro-life message from the producer of BELLA. Based on a true story about a pregnant teenager (Vanessa Hudgens) who flees her drug-addicted mother in search of a better life.

Son of God (2/28)
Produced by Mark Burnett and Roma Downey — adapted from The Bible mini-series that ran on History Channel last year. An intensely powerful depiction of the life of Jesus.

Noah (3/28)
Based on the story of Noah (Russell Crowe) and the flood. A major HOLLYWOOD production. It is not clear yet how Biblical it will be.

God’s Not Dead (3/23)
The story of a college Freshman who chooses to stand up to his atheist Philosophy professor. Packs a powerful and bold message!

Heaven is for Real (4/16)
Based on the true story from the best-selling book about a young child who claimed to visit heaven during his near-death experience.

Mom’s Night Out (5/9)
Inspirational family comedy from Executive Producer,
Patricia Heaton and the makers of October Baby. Stars Miami actor Robert Amaya (Courageous), Alex Kendrick (Courageous, Facing the Giants) and Sean Austin (Lord of the Rings, Rudy).

Alone Yet Not Alone (6/13)
Based on the true, inspiring story about two sisters captured by Indians in 1755. Produced by Ken Wales (Christy, Amazing Grace).

Left Behind (Spring or Summer)
A totally new reboot based on the LEFT BEHIND book series. Starring Nicolas Cage as Rayford Steele.

When the Game Stands Tall (8/22)
Inspirational sports movie starring Jim Caviezel as High School Football coach Bob Ladouceur, whose team holds the
longest winning streak in history-151 games; 13 straight California championships.

A Matter of Faith (9/26)
A girl is influenced by her college professor to embrace evolution, and her father does something about it. From Rich Christiano (Secrets of Jonathan Sperry and Time Changers).

Genesis 3-D (Fall)
Creation-science film in high-quality CGI 3-D animation (see sample scenes on website).

Exodus (12/12)
Story of Moses and the Exodus with Chistian Bale as Moses. Let’s hope this one is somewhat Biblically accurate.
For family-friendly movie reviews: pluggedin.com

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