Urban League of Broward Receives $350,000 Humana Communities Benefit Grant

The Urban League of Broward County (ULBC), a nonprofit organization dedicated to empowering communities and changing lives in the areas of education, jobs, housing and health, is the recipient of this year’s $350,000 Humana Communities Benefit charitable grant in Fort Lauderdale, funded by the Humana Foundation.

“The Humana Foundation honors outstanding nonprofit organizations using transformative strategies to help prevent diabetes and congestive heart failure in their community,” said Virginia Kelly Judd, Executive Director of the Humana Foundation.

ULBC operates nearly 20 initiatives in Broward County, including prevention and intervention education about chronic diseases. They will use the grant to launch multiple programs to educate residents diagnosed with or at-risk for diabetes, as well as their caregivers, on how to improve their quality of life.

“The diabetes rate of African-Americans in Broward County, which is 210 percent higher than the country’s rate, is a major issue,” said Dr. Germaine Baugh, president and CEO of Urban League of Broward County. “We are thankful to the Humana Foundation for supporting this vital diabetes prevention initiative to improve the health of our community.”

Pictured: ULBC also hosts walking groups to encourage the community to get active.

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