Vacation Destinations with a Spiritual Focus

Vacation days can be a great opportunity for Christian families to learn about and reconnect with God and the Bible in various ways. Too often we may think that the only Christian vacation destinations are found in the Mediterranean and the Middle East, but that’s not the case. Here in Florida and throughout the U.S. we have various places to visit and learn more about our beliefs and to show children the importance of our life-altering faith.

Yosemite National Park, Mountains and Valley View

Wycliffe Discovery Center, Orlando
The Wycliffe Discovery Center offers a glimpse into the mission of Bible translation in the world today. There are exhibits that teach about cultures from around the world and others that tell the amazing stories of changed lives. Wycliffe is involved in Bible translation around the globe and will offer insight to those who may be interested in helping bring the Bible to those who have no Bible in their own language. This is a great place to visit for those interested in furthering this goal. Check out their website for hours, location, and ticket prices:

The Jesus Film Project Tour, Orlando
The Jesus film was released in 1979 and, since, has been translated into over one thousand languages and has reached millions of people worldwide, bringing many to saving faith in Jesus Christ. The goal of the Jesus Film Project is to be able to reach millions more with the film that portrays the life, death and resurrection of Jesus in their heart language. When visitors go to the Jesus Film Project studios, they get a behind-the-scenes tour and are equipped to be able to use the Jesus Film and other resources to reach the lost. Check out their website for hours, location, and ticket prices:

Holy Land Experience, Orlando
The Holy Land Experience has become a favorite for many. It offers a wide range of interesting artifacts and manuscripts for visitors to ogle. They also offer a life-sized recreation of the temple that once stood on Mt. Moriah and one of the Wilderness Tabernacle complete with the Ark of the Covenant. For those not afraid of sequins and wax figures, they also offer a walkthrough of Jesus’ life. Check out their website for hours, location, and ticket prices:

Creation Museum, Petersburg, KY
For those who believe in a literal interpretation of the Genesis account and for those interested in learning more about this view, the Creation Museum offers tons for families to explore and learn. They even have a life-size replica of what Noah’s Ark would have been like and explain how it would have been used to save animals in the Genesis account. This museum, far from being cheap or cheesy, is a great way to learn about the Creation account and get a different point of view than many have on the origins of life on Earth. Check out their website for hours, location, and ticket prices:

Museum of the Bible, Washington, D.C.
Due to open November of this year, the Museum of the Bible promises to be a fantastic place for believers to learn about how the Bible in their hands came to be and help them understand how reliable it is. It will offer a Narrative Floor which will take visitors through the stories of the Bible, a History Floor which will house artifacts ranging from the days of Abraham to the early church, and an Impact Floor which will bring it all together to show the immense impact the most-printed book in history has had on the world. Check out their website for hours, location, and ticket prices:

National Parks, All over the U.S.
In addition to all of these wonderful locations, you can choose to take a trip to a national park and just steep in the majesty of our God’s creation. Go prepared with a packed lunch and a few verses to read or recite (John 1:3, Job 12:7-10, Psalm 95:4-5, Psalm 96:11-12, Romans 1:20, etc.). You can even take this opportunity to memorize some of these verses along with your family or friends going on the trip with you. For more on the national parks, visit

A native-born Miamian, Tami Gomez is a freelance writer for the Good News while she and her husband attend Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary in North Carolina. They hope to become missionaries to the Far East. She can be reached at [email protected].

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