Veritas et Vino Begins Speaker and Apologetics Forum

Rose Ann Lovell

The red carpet was rolled out in December for the unveiling of Veritas et Vino (V2), South Florida’s new and uniquely engaging Speaker and Apologetics Forum.  This new Happy Thinking Hour is the passion and brainchild of businesswoman Rose Ann Lovell. Kelly Monroe Kullberg, Lovell’s Chief Collaborator and best-selling author of “Finding God Beyond Harvard” was the first featured speaker.  As founder of the Veritas Forum at Harvard, Kullberg brought Ravi Zacharias to speak at Harvard. Zacharias credits Kullberg in the foreword of her book to changing the course of his life. (View event video at

Changing the course of lives is what drove Lovell to launch Veritas et Vino. She wants to raise the dialogue in our public square and get people engaged in a fresh, bold, loving and winsome way. Lovell said the seeds for launching V2 have been germinating since her early law school days when she was irked that the secular world doesn’t believe those of faith have reasoned answers. A self-dubbed spiritual entrepreneur, Lovell seeks to fill that void. Where do the unchurched, the skeptic, the seeking millennial, the disenchanted believer or the professional who would never say yes to church go to ask their questions and engage? She hopes it will be Veritas et Vino. The first event of the year will be held at the Broward Center on January 11 with MIT Professor and Physicist Ian Hutchinson answering questions on Faith & Science. Register and invite a guest at


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