W.D. Crowder finds inspiration in biblical stories in his new book

Author announces release of ‘The Three Miraculous Prayers of King Hezekiah’

OCALA, Fla. – In his new book, “The Three Miraculous Prayers of King Hezekiah: A Good Man’s Example for Our Own Troubled Times” (published by iUniverse), author W.D. Crowder looks back to the Old Testament to find that the same miraculous answers to prayers that happened over 2,700 years ago are still possible for people in their own lives today.


According to Crowder, King Hezekiah was a person with enormous problems. The existence of his Jewish kingdom and people were threatened, as were his health and life. Yet, as Crowder explains, he impressed God with three prayers, and was blessed with incredible miracles, which allowed him to triumph over all of his obstacles. In “The Three Miraculous Prayers of King Hezekiah,” Crowder reveals the secrets of the king’s prayers which “changed the world and will change yours too.”


An excerpt from “The Three Miraculous Prayers of King Hezekiah”:


“King Hezekiah lived in a time with many striking similarities to our own world today. His country was threatened by powerful and sinister enemies from both within and without. He came into his own in a nation that faced political and financial crisis and even potential economic collapse. His Kingdom of Judah was a land that had lost its way both morally and spiritually. If that sounds uncomfortably familiar to you, then it should encourage you to know that what was true over 2,700 years ago is still the same today. One man can (and certainly did) make a difference.”


To Crowder, this biblical story is extremely applicable to people today. “There is hope and help still available to us in times of trouble,” he says. “We can all aspire to pray like and see such miraculous answers to prayer as did good King Hezekiah.”


The Three Miraculous Prayers of King Hezekiah

A Good Man’s Example for Our Own Troubled Times

Hardcover | 5.5 x 8.5 in | 108 pages | ISBN 9781491704011

Softcover | 5.5 x 8.5 in | 108 pages | ISBN 9781491704004

E-Book | ISBN 9781491704028

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About the Author

W.D. Crowder is a writer and marketer who earned his bachelor’s degree in history from StetsonUniversity. He is also the author of the first book in the Divine Encounters of the Bible Series, “We Three Kings: Two Journeys of the Magi.” He and his wife, Anna, have two children and live in Ocala, Fla.

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