Westminster Academy Students Package 40,600 Meals For Those In Need

Photos by 8th-Grade WA Student Kamryn Casey


Three Broward County ministries came together on December 18 to help serve the needy in South America, Haiti, Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic. The middle school students of Westminster Academy partnered with Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church and Cross International in a major meal packing event. The 222 students in grades 6, 7 and 8 packed just over 40,600 meals. Gus Cruz, of Cross International, said he has never seen such a strong effort by such an awesome group of young people. For just about two hours these students worked in teams of ten, packing bags until the last one was sealed and boxed up. Mike Critch, Westminster Academy’s Upper School Principal, and Duane Mellor, of Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church, came up with this idea when they were discussing how the younger students could serve during hurricane relief. As the event was coming to close, Gus shared a bit of his life story to give the students a sense of how impactful these meals will be in the lives of the families who will benefit from their great service.

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