What holiday movie or special do you watch over and over again?

Good News Wants to Know… What holiday movie or special do you watch over and over again?  Is there a favorite scene?

Beau Heyman

My favorite Christmas movie is “Elf” because I love Christmas as much Buddy the elf does. I hope that we as Christians are as excited about Jesus’s return as Buddy is when he hears Santa is coming: “Santa here? I know him!”

Beau Heyman, Executive Director, First Care Women’s Clinic


Andrea Hazim

Filmed in a winter setting, the 1993 “Groundhog Day” film with Bill Murray is a favorite packed with a critical life lesson.  I laugh and cry as Bill’s character relives the same day over and over, for approximately 33 years, until he finally learns to grow out of his SELF-centered ways and LOVE! Definitely, one of the critical Fruits of the Spirit we endeavor to develop in abundance for God’s glory!

Dr. Andrea Hazim, President and Founder, Elev8Life Educational Foundation


Bernard King

“A Christmas Carroll!”

Bernard King, Pastor, Cornerstone Bible Fellowship


William “Bill” C. Davell

Irving Berlin’s 1954 musical, “White Christmas.” Patriotic and heartwarming. Colorful and festive. Romantic and funny. It sets the stage for what we don’t experience in Florida – snow!

William “Bill” C. Davell, Director, Tripp Scott Attorneys at Law


William “Bill” Fleming

Nothing can beat Bing Crosby and Danny Kaye in “White Christmas.”  The music, slap stick comedy, patriotic symbolism and wholesome story are ageless.  Nothing is better than Vermont with snow.

William “Bill” Fleming, President, Palm Beach Atlantic University


Bill Tolia

Every year I watch the old English version of “Scrooge” and “It’s a Wonderful Life.” I always look forward to watching them and never get tired of seeing them every year.

Bill Tolia, Chairman, South Florida CBMC


Bob Barnes

Our favorite Christmas movie is “It’s A Wonderful Life.” The main character, George Bailey, was very generous to his community. Then his life took a bad turn, and Bailey attempted to take his own life. God sent an angel to talk him out of suicide. The angel also taught George about what really counts in life. Our favorite scene is at the end when George discovered he was rich in the things that mattered as his community generously wrapped around him. He realized he had a wonderful life.

Bob Barnes, President, Sheridan House Family Ministries


Bob Denison

Since we have 3 kids under the age of 4, our Christmas traditions have been reduced to Peppa Pig & The Wiggles.

Bob Denison, President, Denison Yachting


Chris Lane

We usually watch all of the favorite Christmas movies (Elf, Home Alone, A Christmas Story, etc)  and have so many favorite scenes that we literally laugh out loud at.  My boys try to put me into some of the scenes and make fun of me as if it were me in that situation.  We usually sit outside in our backyard and project the movies on a big screen and sit around the fire pit eating snacks while enjoying our time together.

Chris Lane, President, First Priority of South Florida


Collins Forman, Jr.

Our favorite holiday (I think) movie is “The Muppet Christmas Carol” with Michael Kane and all the Jim Henson Muppets. We also often read the classic novella, “A Christmas Carole” by Charles Dickens, which contains the story of a man who was changed when was shown the true Spirit of Christmas. It is a story of redemption in the original and even in the cartoon version.

Collins Forman, Jr., P.A.


Deborah Cusick

The holiday movie I’ve watched more than once is “It’s a Wonderful Life.” My favorite scenes are as George Bailey realizes how his life has made a difference in the lives of those in his sphere of influence as I pray to make in mine, daily.

Deborah Cusick, FAU Campus Volunteer, Intervarsity Christian Fellowship


Dolores King-St. George

We watch many over and over: “It’s A Wonderful Life,” “A Christmas Carol,” and others. But, my favorite scene is from “A Charlie Brown Christmas” when Linus quotes from the book of Luke and then says, “That’s what Christmas is all about Charlie Brown.” Christ the Lord IS Christmas.

Dolores King-St. George, President, GraceNetRadio.com and King Management Group


Don Campion

I am not much of a movie/show buff, but my wife loves to watch the Classic versions (most of which are in black and white -ugh). Since I am such a good husband, I endure “A Christmas Carol,” “It’s A Wonderful Life,” and her favorite – “Miracle on 34th Street.” The scene where Susie is broken hearted and jumps out of the car to check out an empty house that she had asked Santa for and while she is out of the car Santa’s attorney proposes to Susie’s mother – Susie gets her wish of a family and a home.  awhh..

Oh boy 😊

Don Campion, President, Banyan Air Service


Fred Scarbrough

I love National Lampoon’s “Christmas Vacation!” I relate to Clark Griswold putting up the lights! Been there myself!

Fred Scarbrough, DVM, Founder, Scarbrough Animal Hospital and HOPE South Florida


George R. Moraitis, Jr.

I enjoy watching “A Christmas Carol” with George C. Scott as Ebenezer Scrooge and I particularly enjoy when he wakes up and is so generous to everyone. The movie is a reminder to consider what we have as a gift from God to be enjoyed and shared with others.

George R. Moraitis, Jr., Moraitis, Cofar, Karney, Moraitis & Quailey


Gita Santangelo

“It’s a Wonderful Life,” the 1946 movie starring Jimmy Stewart as George Bailey, who on Christmas Eve, feeling his life was hopeless and meaningless was about to jump off a bridge until Clarence, the angel, intervened.

There are so many who are without hope, especially during  the holiday season. As I am studying the Book of Acts in BSF this year, God reminded me this week- this holiday season to “Always Be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have” (1Peter 3:15).

“Jesus is the Reason for the Season” and that it can be “A Wonderful Life.”

“For to us a child is born, to us a Son is given; and the government will be on His shoulders. And He will be called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace” (Isaiah 9:6).

Merry Christmas and Happy Birthday, Jesus!

Gita Santangelo, Community Prayer Partner


Gregg Wallick

My favorite holiday movie is “Planes, Trains and Automobiles.” The most memorable scene is when John Candy caught the car on fire.

Gregg Wallick, President, Best Roofing, Inc.


John Novoa

I think I’ve watched “Home Alone 2” hundreds of times with family and friends. My favorite scene is when the whole family is opening all their gifts in the hotel. Kevin looks out the window and sees the woman in the park all alone. He runs out down to her and gives her one of the two friendship turtle doves. Such a small act of kindness went a long way.

John Novoa, Benefits Retirement Group Representative, BENCOR


Julie Mullins

The movie that we watch over and over again every year is the movie “ELF.” “Smiling is my favorite”… That’s the line that gets me every time… I think in every scene buddy the elf does something kind, and I really believe that kindness is a super power that gives us x-ray vision to see past peoples rough exterior and melts down the walls that have been built up in relationships. That’s why I consider Buddy the elf is super hero.

Julie Mullins, Pastor, Christ Fellowship


Karen Granger

Christmas movies: Besides the classics, I love the Downton Abbey Christmas special. It includes many family dynamics. The best scene — when Matthew proposes to Lady Mary surrounded by falling snowflakes.

Karen Granger, Community Relations Director, 4KIDS Palm Beach County


Kevin Enders

One of my all-time childhood favorites is “Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer.” I like the scene with the island of misfit toys and how Rudolph with his special light brings hope to the toys who feel like they are forgotten and have no value. We all need a Light to point the way and to give us Hope. Thank you Jesus.

Kevin Enders, President, 4KIDS of South Florida


Dr. Mary Drabik

I love to watch the movie “Elf.” My favorite scene is when Elf hears that Santa is coming to Macys, and he screams out, “I know him, I know him!” I like to think of it as when we hear about Jesus – can we scream out “I know Him, I know Him!”

Dr. Mary Drabik, President, South Florida Bible College & Theological Seminary


Matthew D. Weissing

I am both kind of proud and kind of ashamed to admit that I do not own a TV. I’ll stop for a moment while you wrap your mind around that.

I can’t say that I have a movie or special I watch over and over again. Years back when the kids were in the house, “Home Alone” was great. “It’s a Wonderful Life” is also a favorite.

Unfortunately, or fortunately in my mind, growing up I had three brothers and we were always playing baseball, tennis or doing something else strenuous before eating a big Christmas meal. Often in the street.  After the meal when we sat down in front of a TV, we all passed out.  Hahaha

Matthew D. Weissing, Board Certified Trial Attorney, Edwards Pottinger LLC


Oksana Horton

My favorite Christmas movie has to be “It’s A Wonderful Life.” The scene that touches me the most is the outpouring of love George experiences at the end when everyone shows up to give him the money. It’s a beautiful example of sowing and reaping – all the sacrifice, heartache, and effort he poured into the people of Bedford Falls resulted in a completely unexpected 100-fold return on the lost money. Most importantly, it showed George that his life had impact beyond what he could have imagined. That’s the thing I love the most about that movie – the timeless lesson that a truly happy and fulfilling life is one that impacts the lives of others.

Oksana Horton, Artistic Director, Torch & Trumpet Theater Company, a subsidiary of Revelation Ministries


O’Neal Dozier

We don’t normally have a particular movie that we watch over and over again during the Christmas holidays. What we normally try to do during the Christmas holidays is to tune in to Trinity Broadcast Network (TBN)  to watch their Christmas special program about the birth of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. We love the Christmas songs that they play during the program. Watching TBN during the Christmas holidays is very good because it helps us keep Christ in Christmas.

O’Neal Dozier, Pastor, The Worldwide Christian Center


Patricia Colangelo

There are many classic movies that we watch during Christmas-time. One of my favorites is “The Grinch.” I love how the heart of someone so hateful and scary can be changed when someone reaches out to them. It takes the love of an innocent child to see what is possible. Oftentimes we meet people that seem so unreachable and despicable that we may not even try to reach out to them. Jesus gives us a great example when He reached out to the Samarian women, one seen by the Jews as an outcast.

Patricia Colangelo, EdS, Director of Operations – Florida, Trinity International University


Dr. Patrick Wrisley

You’re going to think I’m really weird, but I don’t watch holiday TV stuff. I listen to music instead, especially Handel’s Messiah.  Listening to music turns one’s focus and attention inward where the Spirit runs free; watching TV fills my head with holiday clutter.

Dr. Patrick Wrisley, Pastor, First Presbyterian Church of Fort Lauderdale


Coach Rick Andreassen

My favorite Christmas movie is “Charlie Brown’s Christmas.” I had the privilege to play the leading role of Charlie Brown in my 6th grade class play!

As this year the movie celebrates its 50th year, I can still recite all of Charlie Brown’s lines as I watch the movie. The greatest part of all is that it tells the real meaning of Christmas as Linus recites from the book of Luke. “The Savior was born in Bethlehem….”

Thank you God for sending your son Jesus!!

Coach Rick Andreassen, Founder/President, SAINTS of Florida P.E. and SAINTS International Sports Ministry


“Die Hard” is the perfect holiday movie (this isn’t debatable), and I easily could watch it every Christmas. It’s the story of a husband and wife (Holly and John McClane) who are separated by both geography and marital strife reuniting to not only foil the nefarious plans of an international terrorist organization, but also to begin the hard work of reconciling their marriage.

My favorite scene is where Hans Gruber dangles 30 stories above the ground, but ultimately loses his grip and falls to his death from the top of Nakatomi Plaza.

Rick Hunter, “The CityChurch Project”


Romney C. Rogers

In lieu of movie watching at Christmas, our family has been either participating in or just attending the Fort Lauderdale Christmas Pageant for 35 years! We usually go a few times with both family, friends and new acquaintances, and as everyone knows who has seen it, you get to experience the real meaning of Christmas.

It is hard to beat the opening scene of the Second Act (biblical) with the birth of Jesus, but the crucifixion and resurrection scenes are very powerful and, of course, put an explanation point on the sacrifice that Jesus made for all of us.

If you are reading this and have not yet seen the Pageant, make it a point to do so this year. Performances run through December 15th. For tickets go on line at www.Christmastickets.com or go to the First Baptist Church in Fort Lauderdale an hour or so early and try and get tickets there.

Merry Christmas to All!

Romney C. Rogers, Managing Partner, Rogers, Morris & Ziegler LLP


Samuel Lamerson

I love the original cartoon version of “The Grinch.” Maybe because my introversion desperately longs for quiet. As to my favorite scene, I love it when the Grinch’s heart grows three sizes and breaks that heart measuring device.

Samuel Lamerson, PhD, Distinguished Professor of Biblical Studies, Knox Theological Seminary


Sue Trombino

We love watching lots of Christmas shows but one of the ones that we watch over and over is “White Christmas.”

One of the many things I love about that movie is the great lengths the men went to honor their commander: it shows loyalty, honor, commitment and Love.

Sue Trombino, Founder, Women Impacting the Nation


Tom Hendriske

This is an easy one for us: “Elf.” Greatest (or at least most entertaining) Christmas movie ever. Favorite line: “You sit on a throne of lies.”

Tom Hendriske, Senior Pastor, Rio Vista Church


Virlee “Vee” S. Stepelton

I was 10 years old when I saw “White Christmas.” I can remember that snowy day outside a little theater in Pennsylvania and being in awe of that iconic film. So glam!

Virlee “Vee” S. Stepelton, Ministry Advocate

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