Focusing on What Really Matters

what really mattersHappy anniversary and thank you to all of our readers over the past 17 years. Sometimes I feel like Time magazine looking back over all the years with all the stories, all the ministries and all the church events we’ve covered. If you were to look in the office of our editor, Shelly, you would see a shelf of the archived Good News that goes back through most of our spiritual lives.

I want to thank the people of South Florida for all they have done over the years. We are blessed to be a part of reporting truth from a biblical perspective, what’s going on in the church and schools, testimonies from people’s lives, and more. I think we all can agree that God has been doing amazing works throughout South Florida, transforming our communities


People care

Last month’s cover was about CityTalks. This was an initiative to get people talking about issues in our community and working together to make a difference. With a very short time for promotion, the event was packed. People showed up because they care about making a difference, and that is the true heart of what the Good News stands for. This month we recognize those who are actively serving in our community as volunteers, and encourage others to find a place where they can roll up their sleeves and pitch in.

Between the World Leaders Conference, the Mayor’s Prayer Breakfast and CityTalks last month, my mind was, of course, turning about what really matters in our Christian lives. There are so many issues and so many people to reach with the love God has for us. Compassion and support can be daunting if it’s clouded by this and that.


Does it matter?

I was at the World Leaders Conference the day after Ben Carson made a statement that he believes being gay is a choice. Where I stand on issues like the definition of marriage, divorce, abortion, and many others, is probably a bit unconventional in the sense that I would ask, “Does it matter?”

I say the debate on issues like these doesn’t matter as much as caring for those who are hurting. Yes, we need to uphold the truth of the Scriptures, but we should be less concerned with how a couple would get into a divorce and more concerned that they’re hurting and going through a rough time. They probably need someone just to lean on or talk to and maybe even to just show true honest love and concern.

If someone was going through a divorce, is it better to harp on them that divorce is bad or be there for them through a tough time?


Dropping my stone

I believe we are so often as people too quick to judge. As Jesus said when the people brought him a woman caught in adultery, “‘Let the one who has never sinned throw the first stone!’ Then he stooped down again and wrote in the dust” (John 8:7-8 NLT).

Sometimes I think we really don’t even understand the true compassion God has for us. Again it goes back to grace and mercy and pure love.

Over the years the Good News has had the purpose to reach out into the community and unite people with the goal of promoting what God is doing in and through us. Please participate in one of South Florida’s oldest Christian media outlets.

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