When The Test Comes, It’s To Sharpen Your Faith

Kelly Koenig, of City Furniture, and Jeanna Huie

“Keep the faith, trust God and he will let his presence be known” is all I was ever told.

Who Am I?

My name is Jeanna Huie, but you can call me 312. It is such an amazing honor to be in such a divine moment to share my story with some of the world’s greatest people such as yourself. I know that if we were to switch roles, you would have so much wisdom, strength and motivation to pour into me. I’m quite sure your road was built with road blocks, construction sites and dead ends.

However, You have showed the world around you that you are more then an overcomer, more then a fighter. You’re the survivor. As I continue my road to success, I realize my testimonies are stronger then I can begin to imagine. My father walked out of my life when I was at the age of Three. My mom told me she came home one day and he left all my school supplies on the living room table. As a young 20-year-old adult, the fears of every women projected itself into reality. The thought of taking care of a baby without the father would leave a woman’s faith to be tested.

Tests of faith

Yet she began to learn to trust God. My mother was strong. I was created even stronger. I watched my mother cry many nights wondering how she was going to pay the bills, the lights, the water. I would rub her back as she wiped her tears. I would say, “MAMA, GOD’S GOING TO MAKE A WAY.” I only knew this because she taught me to believe in Jesus. She always said God would make a way. Yet as I mentioned ealier, there come these divine times where we all are assisgned “The test of faith in God.” She chose to install love for my father inside of me. She told me to never worry because he was the one missing out on my growth, my honor rolls, president awards and graduation.

Upon going to high school, my auntie and my mom found my father. That summer they sent me up north to meet him and his side of the family. They examined me from head to toe. They checked my arms, my legs, etc. First thing he said was, “Pam did good with you.” They were amazed I didn’t have peircings and tattoos. I thought to myself, “atleast he acknowledged that my mother did a great job with me.” But when he said, “I thought y’all was living under a bridge,” it was quite weird for me. I was a young 14 year old, and again momma taught me to love him; so that comment instantly came through one ear and exited out the opposite ear. That summer of 2007 was the last time I saw him. Since then, we have endured some major tests that we needed to pass in order to get to this level we’re at now.

My mental state was put through the fire several times from the closest ones turning on me, even as far as overcoming the chains of drugs. Yet through my trials, God pulled me through. I cried and I prayed and asked for help because I always knew I am destined for greatness. I’m full of life. I can sing, dance, rap, write, act, and I am coachable to learn anything that will increase my value. So far I haven’t reached my full potential because of lack of finances, lack of genuine support and love from my peers. I was ordered to be humble. The holy spirit said, “Humble yourself before the Lord, humble yourself before the Lord” using my brother. Immediatley after that my daughter was taken from me and everyone projected a mental curse upon me. At this point, I knew if I gave my enemies what they wanted, they would believe their wicked plots would succeed over me. However, the entire time I was aware and on point. God wanted me to see who was for me and who was not. In this darkess time of my life I felt alone, betrayed and unworthy. There was no one at all that I could call and cry to. Only God. I decided to fight. I made a choice to convert that negativity into postive growth within my character and prove my haters wrong. I won. I strived and I overcame everything I went through. I was entered in a Barry University study on low income homes. I was picked out of thousands and thousands of applications for The Hearts Project Program. A guy name Paul ( public defender) intervened at court and said, “I cant take it ANYMORE. The only obstacle I see you have from getting your daughter back is stable housing: Kids in Distress”… Omg soon as he said this the child advocate said, “I was gone tell her.” My worker at Childnet said she sent many applicants and I was the first client she had met that was picked. Do you see why my faith is great? It was not guaranteed. It was a lottery. I said to myself, “Well this is just another faith knocker.” Yet I kept the faith.

My worker called me and said, “You got picked.” I immediately cried and thanked the Lord. I found out the program was a shower of blessings. I received a voucher from Broward County Housing,  Education from Urban League Of Broward County, Kids In Distress and Legal Aid. Since 2014, I have encountered other struggles. I lost my mother in 2016. As I pursue my road to success, I realize I have a lot to do better about. Upon being chosen for Habitat, me and my hsuband got denied in 2017. We worked on our credit, and rid all debt that could hinder our progress. In 2015 my husband’s identity was stolen. Someone was using his ID to make huge purchases such as cars, make up, checks, you name it. Somehow God wiped all this malcious debt off his name. Glory to God. When I see how far we have come, it has just been a major road that many would have given up on long time ago. My husband hasn’t seen his mom in Jamaica since 2006. His goal is to bring his mother here. Just the moment to hold her would lighten his world up. Before recieving this major blessing of homeownership in Habitat Of Humanity, again we were tested.

My husband was attacked at work and so was I. I was attacked by a coworker. All I said was, “Please dont touch me.” that devil said, “Don’t touch you?” stumped me on my left foot, mushed me on my fourhead and looked me in my eyes and said, “What, now what you gonna do? WE BOTH WILL GET SUSPENDED,” as she walked off she said, “And don’t come to work thinking were going to be friends because I will mush your A** again.” My God! Instantly I knew I was under attack because she indicated we would only just get suspended. I said to the supervisor, “See when she touched me on my forehead I was to black out, pick her up and throw her into the computers, but I humbled myself. I instanlty knew this was a test. All I had was a pre-approval letter from Habitat. I told a couple people I’m expecting to get picked because it was weird how this girl just reacted on me all because I said don’t touch me.  The old me would of snapped. The Lord told me to be humble MYSELF in 2012, so I guess I had to show that we were worthy to receive the blessing of homeownership. The girl still works there, which is another weird factor. However Im not mad at her. I had a two choices. Either react or respond. I chose not to react. I responded with humblness and humility. On our anniversary we recieved the most divine call ever from Mr. Thor. We were super blessed to be chosen. We couldn’t believe it. It’s been a long hard road. I cried because I couldn’t believe, in other words  I had to turn the other cheek to redeem a blessing. We just want to inspire others with our story and empower our community. Me and my husband have been doing sweat equity hours on our own, No family or friends to help. Just us!

We have so much to motivate others about from us overcoming drugs to being humbled. Our story is truly powerful, and I just ask that you keep us in prayer as we strive to increase our income, break generational curses and over all succeed. I am not afraid to share my stories because I know there’s someone there right now that needs to hear my story to help lift them and motivate them to stay focused. We thank God so much for blessing us to be a family of six. We are so blessed and grateful for each and everyone of you. I am so grateful that you (CEO’S) all have the heart to help manifest many future homeowners wish to come into reality. All in all, Special thanks to my mother and father for my birth, Delfina Rosa (Broward County Housing) everyone at Kids In Distress, Amaydani Portelles (Urban League Of Broward County), Barry University, all my haters and the entire Habitat of Humanity! You all have been so vital within the course of our life and we thank you all so much for everthing. God bless. Stay safe.

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