Who is Brad Stine and Why is He Funny?

Christian comedian Brad Stine, dubbed “God’s Comic” by New Yorker magazine, will be making a pit stop in Fort Lauderdale on October 14 to share his comedic talents with South Floridians. Featured in the New York Times and Wall Street Journal (just to name a few) and on numerous shows including HBO, Glenn Beck and Comedy Central, Stine describes his comedy routine as a “mission” – one that will help free people from the bondage of political correctness and prevent our society from what he calls inevitable “wussification.” The shaggy blonde-haired Stine, who bears an odd resemblance to Denis Leary, speaks candidly on his website about faith, Current Events and all things humorous…stating: “You know what offends me?…Offended people.” Stine, a hardcore supporter of first amendment rights and opponent of political correctness, asserts that rights should be “universally applied”, explaining: “In a country with guaranteed rights to freedom of religion, its citizens are constantly trying to make faith in public spheres illegal, I am offended by that contradiction and want to talk about it as a comic. Brainwashed wussies have been taught that standing up for yourself and defending your personal point of view makes you a close-minded hate monger.”   Stine stops short of defending his point of view as the only one, adding “… one must also be respectful of dissenting belief while supporting their own.”

Stine’s comedic routine stands out among the rest as one that examines ideas through comedy, instead of the people who embrace these ideas, and he makes it clear that through his faith he is able to show respect and dignity to everyone around him, even those who hold opposing viewpoints.

If you have never seen Stine live on stage, check out clips of his routine which can be found through links on his website (www.bradstine.com) or on Youtube – you are bound to laugh out loud.
For locals who are interested in seeing Stine in action, his tour hits Coral Ridge Presbyterian’s  Kennedy Fellowship Hall, (also known as the Comedy Caf

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