South Florida Word Weavers are Writing for the Lord

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Pictured (left to right): Miriam Finesilver, Melanie Prada, James W. Geiger. Jeff Keene II, David L. Haun, Deanna Coffin, Patricia Hartman, Kristen Brown, Patrick Hartman

The second Saturday of each month, local Christian writers huddle around tables to sharpen the work God has called them to. These mighty Word Weavers get elbow-to-elbow sharing and critiquing their articles, devotions, poems, scenes from novels, children’s, middle-grade, and memoirs — as iron sharpens iron — all for the glory of God.

Word Weavers Write for God

Members come from all backgrounds — some working, some not. Teachers, speech pathologists, former pastors, Jewish evangelists, forensic CPAs, car enthusiasts, former FBI agents, project managers, marriage and relationship counselors, and lawyers bring God’s palette of character and creativity front and center at each meeting.

Some are published, some not yet, some for pleasure, and some to work out their faith and life.

At 80, retired pastor David L. Haun set a goal of writing five books. At 85, he’s about to launch his eighth. Jeff Keene II, a high-school teacher by day, writes historical novels by night. Former FBI agent and lawyer James W. Geiger is working on his third book — a memoire. Patricia Hartman, a forensic CPA is about to launch a sequel suspense novel. Miriam Finesilver, a Jewish evangelist, just published her second novel in a series.

It’s a calling. Writin’ for the Lord – Ain’t Nothing Better!

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