Dr. Gary Hewins, Lifepoints President

There is a place where you can go-a great expansive, yet intimate “room.” Expectantly and cautiously climbing the stairs upward through an open door, one can enter an ongoing celebration. At the epicenter of all things is a throne. From that throne emanates flashes of lightning and peals of thunder. The color is so very brilliant and intense, but not as beautiful as He on the throne. The area around the throne cannot contain the visual splendor. The colors and brilliance are reflected as in a failed attempt to diminish their intensity. There before the throne is sea of glass, clear as crystal: a mirror. From that mirror, seemingly infinite rays and beams of splendor are cast into an already illuminated realm.  

People gathered as one and clothed in resurrection power sing from a place deep within them. They sing in one language, in unified heavenly lyrics. A cacophony of quintessential worship ebbs and flows like waves before and over the throne. Unified reverberation, like ten thousand waterfalls, cascades over the King, pooling at His footstool.  Multiple duets and quartets of angelic beings sing out, “Holy, Holy, Holy is the Lord God Almighty.” The room takes on a fragrance of adoration, and prayer like incense filters through heavenly vents. At times, a crescendo of sounds further magnifies the One sitting on the throne. Bowls of adoration are emptied like worshipful fountains. The worshippers are forever complete, completely satisfied, and completely centered. 

No eye moves away from the throne. Beings with eyes on their front, rear, sides and under their wings move about in joy but always fix their eyes on the Christ. The encounter transcends the constraints of time. All are in Christ. 

This place is accessible, in part, every minute of every day. You, in Christ, with clean hands and a pure heart, can join this celebration. You are worshipful. Your eyes can and are fixed on Him, the Author and Perfecter of your faith. He is your Hiding place and you can sing songs of deliverance. He is your God and your soon coming King. You remain worshipful, no matter your lot in life. You know Him by Name and you know His Names. You have a sensitivity to the pleasure He finds in your worship and you know the pleasure of truly worshipping Him. You are a mobile worship service. You too can pour yourself out before Him. You speak an intimate language of love before Him. You adore Him. You celebrate Him. You enjoy His enjoyment of praise. 

You are now worshipful and are becoming even more worshipful. You marinate in a worship that solicits His glory. In your life is His Presence. There is a weightiness to His considerate Presence. His Presence is accessible, tangible, and considerable to you as you remain worshipful. 

Your words are worshipful. Your work is worshipful. Your relationships are worshipful. The chief beginning and end of your life is to worship the Alpha and the Omega. While others search for an escape, you take sanctuary in Christ. While others run from God, you run boldly to the throne of grace. You know that place where you can go and you know how to get there. Be still and know He is God, and loose upon Him the sincerity of heartfelt worship. Lift holy hands in praise. Seek Him. Pursue Him to love Him. Celebrate your invitation to worship, and worship well. You come by way of the blood. Your entrance is paid for, the cost was significant. Be ever so worshipful!   


Dr. Gary Hewins is the President of lifepoints.org, a coaching and consulting ministry to ministry leaders and preachers and the Senior Pastor of Community Bible Church in the picturesque mountains of Highlands, N.C.

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