You Are Beautiful

Dr. Gary Hewins Lifepoints President

You can clearly see the beauty of your Lord, though you have never seen Him. You see Him as wonderfully beautiful because you know something of the depth of beauty. Beauty, to you, is easily discernable without sight. You know beauty apart from visibility. You can measure your own beauty apart from a mirror; you are the mirror.

In Christ, you know truths many others may never know. You know of the deep reality of a deeper beauty. Before the throne, there is a sea of glass, clear as crystal. This sea acts as a mirror reflecting the beauty that cannot be harnessed. In Christ, that beauty is yours as well. You too are a mirror reflecting His beauty. Because of Him, you are beautiful. You radiate beauty in Christ.

You are never more beautiful or more handsome than you are before the throne. When you worship in spirit and in truth, you are so truly beautiful. You are lost in a gulf of quintessential beauty, and your countenance and your response reflect such beauty.

In Christ, you are beautiful. You see the power of beauty and you see the power in seeing beauty in others. You see others as God sees them, and that makes you fascinating. People long for your beauty. People are stirred to jealousy concerning your beauty. Your beauty causes others pause.


The pursuit of vanity has precipitated a deeper longing for beauty. Some seek to purchase beauty while others think beauty is to be flaunted. Their charm is deceptive and their beauty is fleeting. In the beauty of Christ, you model a righteous allure.

In Christ, you have an unfading beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit. Your beauty is of great worth to He who created you in His image. 


Your image is defined by His beauty.

Your beauty is defined by His image.


He defines you, not anyone else’s approval or disapproval. Christ is your Evaluator. Christ is your magnetism. Christ is the Lifter of your head. 

Would you wash His feet with your tears? Would you dry His feet with your hair? This is your beauty. Your beauty is laced with selflessness and sacrifice. Your beauty is steeped in anonymity. Your beauty is lasting and brings about lasting effects. 

You are beautiful and beautifully made. You were knitted together, even embroidered by the Divine, and filled with a beauty for the ages. You are wonderfully made. Your days are ordained for you. Be beautiful in a grotesque world. Be beautiful before the lepers, the orphaned and the fatherless. Be beauty to those engulfed in ugliness. Be beauty to the embittered. Be the reflected beauty necessary in dark seasons of people’s lives. Be a beautiful sense of order in a chaotic life. Be the necessary beauty in a superficial world. Be the image of God to those with body image issues. Be beauty. Beauty is not something we acquire. Beauty is who we inevitably are in Christ.

Really look at “you.” See “you” as Christ sees you. Stare at your heart, fashioned to be beautiful, caring and benevolent. Now detect “ugly” and outshine it. See despondency and outshine it. See apathy and “out-care” it. 

You cannot impart to others that which you do not have. Yes, you impart a gracious beauty to others only because you possess and are possessed by a gracious and elegant beauty. You are beautiful. You are beautiful. You are beautiful.


Dr. Gary Hewins is the President of, a coaching and consulting ministry to ministry leaders and preachers and the Senior Pastor of Community Bible Church in the picturesque mountains of Highlands, N.C.


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