Your road map to the ultimate life

Jack Alan Levine unveils his formula for true peace and happiness.

Ask any American if they’re happy with their lives, and 9 out of 10 will give a resounding “No. Work stinks, relationships are horrible, the economy sucks–and there’s nothing we can do about it, except grin and bear it right?”

Wrong! Jack Alan Levine’s new book, “Don’t Blow It with God…Your Road Map to the Ultimate Life” reveals the game plan for discovering God’s blueprint for living with joy, peace and happiness everyday of your life.

Come along for the ride as God teaches Jack life-changing lessons that will help you in your life journey. Share his hard knocks and chaotic passage from the ‘fast-track’ of a drug fueled Madison Avenue rise to success, to the ‘faith-track’; living the abundant life.

Jack’s unique style of communicating comes alive with the great stories, real talk and real life applications that create the pathway to a successful life and relationship with God. You’ll feel like Jack is having a conversation with you and not writing at you. “Don’t Blow It with God” will challenge your faith, stimulate you to grow closer to Christ and help you to rethink your Christian priorities.

“If you met Jack tomorrow, you’d know him by the sound of his voice coming alive on the pages of his book. He’s real. He’s direct. He’s loving. And his writing style doesn’t try to sound holier-than-thou because Jack doesn’t live that way,” stated 5-time Bestselling author, Frank McKinney, who wrote the Foreword.

Jack is a rare example of a truly happy person and proves that whether you’re a seeker, believer or a seasoned saint that by living God’s way there is great hope in using this roadmap to have not just an ordinary Christian life but an ultimate Christian life.

What a shame to take a long trip and get to the wrong place. Don’t Blow It!

Jack graduated from Syracuse University Newhouse School of Public Communications. He worked for some of the top advertising agencies on Madison Avenue including NW Ayer and Bozell and Jacobs. Jack went on to own a successful television production company and captures a lot of the excitement with major Culture and sports figures in a 16-page pictorial in the book while on his ‘fast-track.’

Now on the ‘faith-track’, Jack is a licensed minister and Director of Men’s Life since 1993 at his church in Boca Raton, Florida. Jack has preached as a guest speaker to thousands at a variety of churches and venues throughout the Sunshine State. He is the Founder/Director of the Voice of God Life, a 501c3 non-profit organization. Jack is married to his wife, Beth, with three children, Ricky (21), Jackson (7) and Talia (5) residing in Parkland, Florida.

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