2020 Faith-Based Films That Inspire And Encourage

There were at least 29 faith-based films in theaters during 2019, such as “Unplanned,” “Run the Race,” “Breakthrough,” and “Overcomer,” and these are now available on DVD and streaming. Churches can also purchase licenses to show these films to their congregations. And in 2020, a number of new and diverse faith-based films are coming to theaters. These movies inspire and encourage believers and provide a special opportunity for an uplifting experience for our families. They can also be used as outreaches, since people who are hesitant to come to church might accept an invitation to see a movie.


Faith-Based Theatrical Releases for Early 2020

Some of the following films will show in a limited number of theaters, while others will be wide releases. Check each film’s website for information. Films listed here will show for at least one week except for “Fathom Events” (indicated by **), which are scheduled for only 1-3 nights


Just Mercy” (still showing in some theaters) Based on true story of Bryan Stevenson (Michael Jordan), who, after graduating from Harvard law school, heads to Alabama to defend those wrongly condemned or who were not afforded proper representation. justmercyfilm.com


“The Red Sea Miracle Parts 1 & 2” (** Pt. 1: 2/18, Pt. 2: 5/5) “Patterns of Evidence” series presents a scholarly archeological look at the Biblical account of the parting of the Red Sea. patternsofevidence.com


“Free Burma Rangers” (**2/24,25) A real-life adventure documentary about missionaries Dave (former U.S. Special Forces soldier) and Karen Eubank and their ventures into war zones where they are fighting to bring hope, help and love to internally displaced people around the world. Note: Contains graphic scenes of war violence. fbrmovie.com


“I Am Patrick: The Patron Saint of Ireland” (**3/17,19/20) Based on the true story of Saint Patrick (John Rhys-Davies) and how his faith changed a nation. iampatrick.com

“I Still Believe”
(starts 3/13) Based on the inspiring true love story of Christian singer/song-writer Jeremy Camp and his wife Melissa – a story demonstrating hope in the midst of life’s storms. Directed by the Erwin Brothers (“I Can Only Imagine”) and featuring K.J. Apa (“Riverdale”), Britt Robertson (“The Space Between Us”), and Gary Senise (“Forrest Gump,” “CSI: NY”). istillbelievemovie.com


Roe V. Wade” (Spring 2020) True story of how people lied and how the courts were manipulated to pass the law that legalized abortion in America.  Produced by Dr. Alveda King (Niece of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.) and featuring an all-star cast led by Jon Voight).  roevwademovie.com


“Jesus” (**4/7,9,11) Sight & Sound’s lavishly-produced, inspiring, musical presentation of the story of our Savior.  Jesusevent.com


“Climate Hustle 2” (**4/21) With numerous interviews with internationally-known scientists (including some who used to embrace climate alarmism), this investigative documentary exposes the myths and exaggerations of the so-called climate change emergency. Narrated by Kevin Sorbo (“God’s Not Dead”)  climatehustle2.com


“Fatima” (starts 4/24) The story of a 10-year-old shepherd and her two young cousins in Fátima, Portugal, who report seeing visions of the Virgin Mary. fatimathemovie.com


Selfie Dad” (Late Spring 2020) Ben Marcus (Michael Jr.) – Dad, reality TV editor, wannabe comedian – discovers the key ingredient missing in his life – God! Also featuring Chonda Pierce and Karen Abercrombie (War Room). selfiedadmovie.com


“Divided Hearts of America” (date to be determined) Moving pro-life film starring NFL star Benjamin Watson, exposing the brutality of abortion and the American abortion industry, and showcases the beauty and dignity of every human life. movietomovement.com/divided-hearts-of-america


Ways you can help these films touch more lives

  • Stay informed about upcoming faith-based films through sites like facebook.com/LightinDarkPlace and/or by joining the movie email list (details below).
  • Pray! Any successful ministry needs effective prayer (and fasting).
  • Spread the word via social media, fliers, posters, church bulletins, etc.  Share this list of upcoming films with your church.
  • See the films on opening weekend and help your church to organize groups (large or small) to attend. 
  • Purchase tickets as early as possible. Advanced ticket purchases can expand a film’s release to additional theaters and larger auditoriums. 


See you at the movies! 


For email notices about upcoming releases, advanced screenings and more, fill in your information at bit.ly/faithfilms. For up-to-date information, follow (“LIKE”) Stan’s Christian movie Facebook page (facebook.com/LightinDarkPlace) and Twitter @LightDarkPlace.


Stanley Goldenberg has been involved in grassroots promotion of Christian films for over 13 years. He hosts a regular “Movie Connection” program on LIFE-FM (90.9 FM) in Miami. He is also a federal hurricane research meteorologist who has published scientific articles and appeared in numerous TV hurricane specials.

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