Fit & Function: Finding the Perfect Jeans

For almost 150 years, blue jeans have been a casual, functional go-to for the working man and woman. Invented by Levi Strauss during the gold rush in California, blue jeans were created to be comfortable and long-lasting work pants. Today, jeans are styled for all occasions and in different types of... -Read More

Dressing for Your Body Type

So many women live their lives envying other women’s body types  while hating their own. When you learn to embrace your own curves (or lack thereof) and dress for your body type, confidence inevitably follows. There are four main body shapes: hourglass, triangle, circle and rectangle. Women with each of these... -Read More

Products with a Purpose

Charities have been around for ages, but there is a movement in the non-profit sector that is stepping away from the basic model of aid. Instead, these organizations are combining social justice with relevant products for the betterment of individuals in developing nations. Started largely by twenty-somethings who wanted to work... -Read More

Classic Trends for Summer

There are certain pieces of clothing that scream summer. These particular pieces have become iconic hot-weather items, harkening to mornings at the farmer’s market, days at the beach and evenings at the local ice cream truck. These five summer classics are must-haves for any wardrobe, both for men and women. As... -Read More

10 Tips On How to Dress Like a Man

While running shoes are great for a vigorous workout, there is really no need for these shoes to be worn beyond that. For casual situations, moccasins or canvas shoes (think Vans or Converse) work well. A pair of leather shoes, especially in a caramel-y brown (so they can be paired with... -Read More

Summer Skin – Care Tips

One of the glorious things about the summer is how much time there is to spend outside. The general good weather allows for plenty of time to soak up the sun. However, all of this time outside can do some serious damage if proper care isn’t given to skin. The chances... -Read More

What Your Personal Style Says About You

Every person in this world has a unique story, something to share with the world. We often share this story through words, telling of experiences and sharing anecdotes, and some people even write down what they’ve been through. Other people stuff their stories away, trying to appear as neutral and “normal”... -Read More

Spring Fashion Tips

There were several decades when women’s clothing seemed to get skimpier and hemlines continued to get shorter. Things finally seem to be working in the favor of those who prefer modest cuts and clothing that leaves something to the imagination. Many of spring’s biggest trends give the girl with modest sensibilities... -Read More

The Wrap Dress

It seems that whenever a big event comes up in life, what to wear suddenly becomes an impossible decision. With a closet full of clothes, nothing seems like the right thing to wear. In these situations, it’s helpful to have a “go-to piece” that can work in numerous circumstances. A wrap... -Read More

Finding the Right Confidence

God promises to bring peace to those who seek refuge in Him. Yet the world is screaming a different message, and it can be easy to get distracted. Young women feel the pressure to fit in, find acceptance and succeed. Mothers often feel overworked and under-appreciated. Most, regardless of age, are... -Read More