My Sheep Listen to My Voice

Jesus referred to his disciples as sheep in John 10. Like sheep, we as are easily led astray if we do not recognize the voice of our shepherd. Jesus said in verse 14 that he is the good shepherd who knows his sheep and whose sheep know him. However, it can... -Read More

A Reliable Approach to Bible Study

Sometimes Bible Study may seem complicated and a bit overwhelming, but here is a reliable, practical approach to help you dig into God’s word. First, take a deep breath. The Holy Bible is a collection of 66 books written in three different languages over about 1,500 years on three different continents... -Read More

Survivors of Sexual Abuse Find Healing at Trees of Hope

Based on the statistics, someone you know has probably been sexually abused at some point. It’s difficult to know what to say. “What did you do to make this happen?” “You mean you didn’t tell anybody when it happened? So why tell now?” “I don’t believe you were ever abused.” “Can’t... -Read More

Bullying: A Silent Epidemic

Across the media, bullying has been portrayed as a part of life, even a rite of passage, and put in a comical light. We can probably admit to laughing with the stereotypical bully in comics and movies. Nevertheless, the truth about bullying reveals that it is far from comical. Effects About... -Read More

Republicans Vie for Congress in District 22

The Republican Primary election on August 26 has three republicans competing to represent Florida’s 22nd Congressional District. After that date, one will have the chance to replace incumbent democrat Lois Frankel in the general election on November 4. That person will represent about 650,000 people across five cities. He or she... -Read More

Bringing the Bible to Life With Art

Remember reading picture books as a kid? Then, one day, the teacher assigned a book without a single picture in it. What a disappointment! In addition to making the book seem shorter and more fun, the illustrations also made it easier to understand. Now consider The Holy Bible. Even someone with... -Read More

Breaking Free From Unhealthy Relationships

After attending church for about 13 years by her mid-twenties, Tewannah Aman, director of Broward Right To Life and the Guard Your Heart ministry, said she felt convicted about her relationship with a man at the time. She had asked in prayer, “Lord if it’s not your will that we’re together,... -Read More

What You Need to Know about Eating Disorders

In the United States, eating disorders account for the highest mortality rate of any mental illness. Nearly 24 million people suffer from an eating disorder. Coupons tempt us with cheap, late-night fast-food. Tabloids frighten us with “imperfect” bodies and blurred-out faces. Billboards discourage us with “perfect” bodies offering liposuction. Should we... -Read More

Be Mine

Ah, here come those chalky, colorful heart candies that whisper sweet nothings like “Tweet Me”. Things sure have changed since we traded cards in elementary school and talked face-to-face! Valentine’s Day history The history of Valentine’s Day is actually pretty intriguing. Many sources confirm that “Saint Valentine” was actually the name... -Read More

Love is Patient

Which standards are we singles using to find a spouse? It certainly goes beyond a stable income, vehicle and residence. Just being a Christian is not enough because many of us are unhealthy. Jesus explains in Luke 5:31 that, “Healthy people don’t need a doctor – sick people do.” Unless our... -Read More