Films That will Touch and Change Lives in 2018

Despite sexual allegations against some the biggest names in the entertainment industry, Hollywood seems to have no problem supporting similar behavior on the screen in their movies. Many movies in theaters today are full of vulgar language, and graphic sexual, occult and violent content. Even the latest Disney/Pixar release was focused... -Read More

New Faith-based Films Expected to Impact Lives

The good news in the world of faith-based films is that we are continuing to see increasing numbers of these films coming to theaters, touching millions of lives with their messages. Although there are occasional Hollywood-produced pseudo-faith-based films (e.g., “Noah” and “Exodus”) that distort the message, there has been no lack... -Read More

A Preview of Faith-Based Films Coming to Theaters in 2017

The last few years have seen an unprecedented number of faith-based films shining their light and touching lives in movie theaters nationwide. Thankfully, this trend will continue in 2017 with an exciting lineup of films already scheduled and additional films released later in the year. These movies inspire and encourage believers,... -Read More

Upcoming Faith-Based Films Will Impact Lives

This year has already seen a number of films with Christian themes in the theaters (e.g. “Caged No More,” “Risen,” “The Young Messiah,” “Miracles from Heaven,” and “God’s Not Dead 2”), and since these films are now available on DVD and streaming as well as for special church-licensed showings, they are... -Read More

A Preview of Faith-Based Films Coming to Theaters in 2016

The last two years have produced an unprecedented number of films with Christian themes in the theaters and 2016 is expected to continue that trend with a large number of these films already lining up for release. Last year films such as “Old Fashioned,” “Do You Believe?” “Where Hope Grows,” “War... -Read More

A Season of Powerful Faith-Based Films

The secular media called 2014 “The Year of Bible Films” and 2015 has already seen a number of Christian films in the theaters.  Films such as “Unbroken,” “Patterns of Evidence: Exodus,” “The Drop Box,” “Old Fashioned,” “Little Boy,” “Do You Believe?,” “Where Hope Grows,” and “Beyond the Mask” have already impacted... -Read More

The Year of Bible Films And What’s Next

Many of us have complained about the worldly Hollywood movies. But as the saying goes, “It’s better to light a candle than curse the darkness.” The year of 2014 experienced a record number of faith-based (i.e., Bible-based, Christian) films in theaters, many of which delivered powerful, life-changing messages — truly “lights... -Read More