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Did you know that more people die each year from diseases of excess than from hunger and starvation? Yes, it’s true! Obesity, overeating, and being overweight are linked to more deaths worldwide than famine. While it is universal for churches to emphasize ministries that feed the poor in far off lands, the disease-causing indulgences of their very own congregants are often simply ignored. Let’s face it, when was the last time you heard a sermon rebuking our unhealthy eating practices and exposing the industries that actively promote these deadly behaviors? In a nation that leads the world in obesity, it is incumbent upon the American church to preach this too.

There are a few basic reasons why the U.S has become such a fat nation. First, there was the introduction of high fructose corn syrup and trans-fatty acids in the 1970s, along with the nutritional lie that a low fat diet is healthy. The result: our nation is now twice a fat as 40 years ago. The other literally enormous problem is that the giant farming agribusiness has traded nutrition for profit. Complete ignorance of God’s plan to rest the land for its replenishment has rendered the topsoil deficient of life-giving nutrients. The foods grown worldwide have become so nutritionally inadequate that today you have to consume 10 times the amount of fruit and vegetables to get equal nutrition from the same foods of just three short decades ago. Because of this, the nutritional thermostat that regulates hunger in your brain hardly ever turns off. You are literally starving for nutrients even while consuming an overabundance of calories. Hence the obesity epidemic! This is why quality food supplements have great value. They supplement what you are not getting in the deficient foods you are eating.

However, there are inherent risks with supplementation. First, they are not meant to compensate for diets filled with junk foods, yet many people eat poorly and think that supplements will save them. Also, research shows that 39 out of 40 supplements tested are either toxic, non-effective, or both. Do not waste your money on useless or harmful supplements. A good supplement should not be radiated or contain genetically modified ingredients, heavy metals, solvents, glues, binders, pesticides or anything artificial (colors, flavors, sweeteners). Also, they must be free of excipients (additives that provide no nutrition).

Here are the categories of quality supplements that should be considered for your daily regimen:

Super-foods are a whole food or combination of whole foods that are concentrated by drying, making an abundance of the original nutrients available in each small serving. Examples: powdered dehydrated fruits, veggies, nutritive grasses, sea vegetables and algae.

Fatty Acids
The standard American diet provides excess Omega 6 and 9 fatty acids, but is deficient in Omega 3. Excess Omega 6 fatty acids are a main contributor to inflammatory conditions. Chia seeds, flaxseeds and clean fatty fish from the ocean (like Salmon) are great sources of Omega 3s. Fish contains the Omega 3 Docosahexaenoic Acid (DHA) which cannot be manufactured in the body, making it a dietary essential.

Vitamin D3
Vitamin D is a fat soluble vitamin that is made by the body when your skin is exposed to sunlight. However, most Americans do not get enough sun exposure to produce sufficient quantities of the vitamin. Vitamin D has become known as the “anti-cancer” vitamin and is involved in the creation of all 200 anti-infective agents that the human body manufactures. D3 is the only effective form of Vitamin D to supplement.

The soils are depleted, so a good ionic mineral supplement that naturally contains the perfect calcium and magnesium ratio is the key. Coral calcium and ionic sea minerals are valuable in this case.

Digestive Enzymes
Digestion problems may be the most common health issue worldwide, contributing significantly to global malnutrition. Age-related enzyme depletion, coupled with a diet consisting of too many cooked and concentrated foods, makes the addition of digestive enzymes very important for most people.

The multi-billion dollar antacid industry is killing people, as the real problem is most often too little acid not too much. Hydrochloric Acid is what maintains the correct environment in the gut, protecting the intestines from unwanted disease-causing bacteria and parasites, as well as ensuring proper digestion. In addition, HCl coupled with a potassium supplement causes a powerful deep cellular cleansing that has even been shown to protect DNA.

The human intestines contain billions of symbiotic bacteria. These are the “healthy bacteria” that work with your body to digest food, create vitamins and maintain vibrant health. The poor American diet and the use of antibiotics practically wipe out these essential cultures, making probiotic supplementation crucial to restore healthy balance.

What not to take!
Isolated vitamins are synthesized, and these artificially-derived forms are what you get when buying any vitamin or multivitamin supplement with a label indicating the name of each vitamin and its amount. This is never how it happens in nature. These are not foods. One example of this isolated approach is calling Vitamin C “ascorbic acid,” when Vitamin C is much more than that. These garbage supplements just try to duplicate the basic chemistry while leaving out thousands of phytonutrients (plant nutrients). Most mineral supplements are from rocks or dirt and are not assimilated by the human body. They were meant to be absorbed from the soil by the plant and then to the human. Skipping the plant does not work! No matter what brand of supplements you use, they should be a capsule, liquid or powder. Many junk supplement tablets come out just as they go in. Thousands of pounds of undigested vitamin and mineral supplements are pulled from water treatment plants each year. You can even see them on x-rays. What you eat should NOT be visible on an x-ray!
Modern times call for the church to not just feed the poor, but to educate the over fed. Eat right! And make sure you choose good supplements to enhance your already healthy diet. You are deceiving yourself with any other approach.

Dr. Jeff Hazim is a Chiropractor and nutritional counselor practicing in Pompano Beach (, and Executive Director of “Biblical Health Television”, the only TV network devoted to Biblical Health ( Weekly Radio Broadcasts:

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