HOPE South Florida is the Front Door to Hope for the Homeless

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There are currently over 200 homeless families on a waiting list for shelter in Broward County alone. Most of these families are single mothers with children. These families in crisis are our community’s modern day widows — every one of them in need of hope, housing, and restoration through loving community. Different from the man on the side of the road or the off ramp to I-95, these families are the forgotten face of homelessness. Thankfully, that’s where the work of HOPE South Florida begins.

The entry point

Each and every day, HOPE South Florida is the answer to these modern day widows in our community who have no where or one to turn to. Serving as the front door entry point for nearly every family seeking crisis shelter in our community, they witness the transformation that occurs as stories of hopelessness and despair turn into stories of hope.

But the work is not done by HOPE South Florida’s staff alone. Many people don’t realize that the journey for every homeless family seeking crisis shelter in Broward begins with someone like you choosing to put their faith into action as they partner alongside HOPE South Florida. Providentially, they are placed in the role of mobilizing God’s people into action.

A movement

As the entry point into loving community for families facing homelessness, they build hope.

With a commitment to provide stable, restorative housing programs for families and individuals, both in crisis and through long-term support, they build housing.

By engaging the Church to develop meaningful relationships and create loving community for those served, they build community.

Priscilla’s story

HOPE South Florida lives out their ministry model of hope, housing, and community to meet the complete needs of the homeless. Priscilla’s story is a great example of this.

“I came not knowing what was going to happen,” said Priscilla “I was lost; I didn’t know what to do or where to go. I was living with my mom in the living room on the sofa bed, pregnant with two small children.”

After contacting HOPE South Florida, Priscilla received crisis housing in the Faith-in-Action program and then moved into longer term, rapid re-housing at The Shepherd’s Way.

“It was the best decision I ever made,” said Priscilla. “I have been living here for a year and my husband and I are back together as a whole family. I thank God for bringing me here because I was once lost but now I am found.”

HOPE South Florida empowered Priscilla with loving community and resources that eventually brought her family back together

Uncommon generosity 

hrough the uncommon generosity of people in the community offering their time, talent, and resources, HOPE South Florida is able to provide real and tangible solutions for these families and individuals facing homelessness, working together to see broken families renewed and lives restored.

This is our community and we are called to live generously and invest in the place we call home. Together, we can end street homelessness for families and better care for those individuals who are homeless. Through uncommon generosity HOPE South Florida began, and that same generosity will see it through. Get your church, business or family involved today. Learn more online at hopesouthflorida.org.

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