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Commonly known as the Chairman of the Board, Ol’ Blue Eyes and the Big Guy, among others, Frank Sinatra and his melodic voice enthralled millions. His reputation among the ladies was unquestioned given his penchant for romantic songs. Yet, a mostly unnoticed theme weaved his way through the lyrics, that of a man coming to grips with his mortality. 

Last Words

His friend, “The Summer Wind,” is replaced by the autumn and winter winds. At the end of “That’s Life,” he rolls himself in a big ball and dies. Only vintage wine and short days remain as his romantic exploits, begun at age 17, now dwindle in “It Was a Very Good Year.” He smiles gently as he nears the warm “September of the Years,” the song title. And finally, the end is near, and he faces the final curtain in “My Way.” 

Heaven’s gate

My mother checked in at Heaven’s Gate this past December after getting her one-way ticket punched. She had enjoyed earthly citizenship for 98 long years and was longing to be here until at least 100, until she didn’t. In her hospital bed a couple of weeks before passing, we shared closure. It became evident that she would not reach her desired goal; she was at peace with that. She had walked with Christ for over 60 years and was prepared to see Him face to face…soon. As her health deteriorated, the pain increased. Two days before leaving, she asked for morphine and shared the desire to close her eyes and wake up to Jesus. Hours later we had our last conversation. Barely audible, she asked me where Jesus was; when she realized she was still here, her disappointment was palpable. Her last words are the ones I will remember for a lifetime; she loved her son, but the time had come to be with The Son.

She made reservations

Detail of the record album Sinatra: Best of the Best compilation greatest hits by American singer Frank Sinatra released in 2011 by Capitol Records.

As soon as Mom’s plane landed, she was directed to the Upper Hanger, not to be confused with the Lower Hanger. She made reservations there about six decades ago when she accepted Christ as her Lord and Savior. According to Scriptures, it is a very exclusive place. The Lower Hanger is much more crowded and very, very “uncomfortable.” There are only two existing doors, and we will be met by Christ at the tarmac who will then give us directions as to which way to taxi: many runways, only two hangers.  We either hang out in Heaven or Hell for eternity…no other choices available. I have no inside information as to which hanger Frank occupies; it depends on the way he chose.

Land the right way

After nearly three quarters of a century, I have been instructed to remain in a holding pattern over the airport until further notice. Given the situation, fuel economy is at a premium in order to remain here as long as possible. Due the possibility of immediate landing instructions by the Holy Air Controller, the concentration is on doing the right thing, or working out my salvation, as instructed in Philippians 2. Aware of the vast numbers of lost planes surrounding my space, the right thing to do is get those acknowledging the Hell Air Controller’s instructions to divert course and land the right way…His Way. The celestial choir awaits us as the Lord is worshipped in the New Jerusalem; no one here has heard such beautiful music. I am looking forward to a very good eternity.

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