Maria Found Life


Maria Found LifeIt was late on a Sunday night last September. We were wrapping up our 40 Days for Life kick-off rally at the Spanish church next door to Fort Lauderdale Women’s Center, a late-term abortion facility. We were preparing to leave. That’s when a young woman named “Maria” who looked in distress, arrived at the church.

She had seen online that the abortion facility was open 24 hours a day. She said she was seeking information for a “friend” considering abortion. Tom Walker, the 40 Days campaign director, explained the dangers associated with abortion and the facility next door and encouraged her to contact Hope Women’s Center. He also counseled her to urge her friend to choose life. Before she left, I walked over and asked if I could talk to her. As she looked into my eyes, I could see her pain. I told her that I had an abortion years before and had suffered physically and emotionally as a result. Her eyes welled up with tears.

And then I asked, “Are you the one who is seeking an abortion?”

“Yes,” she replied, as she began to weep.

I began sharing the risks and complications that can occur from abortion and explained how abortions are done. Then I told her about the development of her unborn baby. I asked if she was willing to meet with me the next morning and she said, “yes.” But when I called on Monday, there was no answer. Had she gone ahead with the abortion anyway? I tried again on Tuesday at 9:30 a.m., and she answered. She was in the lobby of Hope Women’s Center, waiting for a counseling appointment, and said she’d call me back. That was a glorious thing!

When she did, “Maria” thanked me for having talked with her. The counsel Tom and I gave had made a world of difference. Despite difficult circumstances, she was so happy to be pregnant. And she was so thankful she didn’t go through with the abortion.

She said God had divinely brought everything together. In her effort to check out the abortion facility, she went into the wrong parking lot, saw the lights and walked “into our arms,” as she later put it.


40 Days for Life

It was God’s direct answer to our prayers that night at the close of our 40 Days for Life rally. And that isn’t the only life saved this past year. By God’s grace, 12 babies have been spared from abortion. Prayer and peaceful outreach are protecting confused and unsure women from a decision they will regret for the rest of their lives. The spring 40 Days for Life campaign begins on Wednesday, March 1 for 40 Days and you’re warmly invited to participate. The ministry focuses on prayer and fasting for 40 days to help bring an end to abortion and to reach out to those individuals who are scheduled for abortions. People will be standing and peacefully praying outside two abortion facilities, the Fort Lauderdale Women’s Center and the Women’s Center of Hollywood. Consider joining us. Please contact 954-563-5433 (LIFE) or go to to find out how you can participate in this life-saving outreach. Partnering together with others, you can make a difference for life…one baby at a time.


Tewannah Aman is president of Broward Country Right to Life. She can be reached at [email protected].

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