Micronutrient Deficiencies May Be Dragging You Down

We all dream of growing old with vibrant energy and health. John 10:10 tells us that he came that we may have life and have it abundantly. Sadly some Christians feel as if they are barely keeping their heads above water, with very low energy levels and struggles with sleep disorders or anxiety and depression. These symptoms may be an indication of inadequate nutrition. University research shows that 50 percent of people taking multivitamins are nutritionally deficient, despite supplementation. Micronutrient deficiencies have been linked to inflammation and chronic disease, which affects the mental and physical health of an individual as well as ultimately the quality of their life. Even those eating a well-balanced, healthy diet may be affected if they do not properly absorb vitamins, minerals and/or antioxidants. Nutrient deficiency is not just about today; it is about tomorrow. With escalating medical costs and hours wasted seeking treatment, preventative medicine pays excellent dividends.


Advanced testing

Physicians are shooting in the dark when they simply prescribe medication based on limited blood work. Lab work would be far more informative if it involved testing for deficiencies in micronutrients so that these areas could be adequately addressed. Standard serum tests measure nutrient levels, but they do not provide information on how well nutrients are being utilized. Even young children can struggle with absorbing their food adequately, but as we age the problem worsens. Reduced absorption of B12, for example, is common in people over 50 and those with a genetic predisposition. Each of us is also biochemically unique. Thus, the micronutrient requirements for one person may be very different from the needs of another. Our lifestyle is also a factor, with excessive physical activity, medication, smoking, alcohol, lack of exercise and physical and emotional environment stressors, all impacting micronutrient status and demands. Micronutrient blood tests examine 35 nutritional components including vitamins, antioxidants, minerals and amino acids using the white blood cells, which research has shown give the most accurate results. The test, which costs around $295 with insurance, and $395 without, provides the information needed to create a personalized supplementation and repletion program which can result in prevention, healing and a greater zeal for life.


Nutrient infusions

Nutrient intravenous infusions are an excellent way to replenish the body in the areas it is lacking and also rid the body of toxins. IV therapy sends high impact nutrients directly to the bloodstream, bypassing the digestive system and therefore the issue of malabsorption entirely. Places like Liquivida Lounge in Fort Lauderdale offer a variety of nutrient cocktails administered by certified practitioners in a luxurious, relaxing setting. Prices range from $99 to $145, and most are given monthly or as needed. For instance, a tired air steward or executive who needs to sharpen his cognitive skills will find benefit. These infusions range in variety from performance hydration, anti-aging, executive –  to increase mental alertness, natural defense – for people susceptible to colds, rejuvenation after a night out, or infusions to impact mood. Glutathione, a tripeptide which contains three of the body’s four amino acids, is considered by many doctors to be the most important molecule for maintaining health and for anti-aging. This infusion encourages cell revitalization and regeneration, while drastically improving the way skin looks by lightening and giving a more youthful look. Intramuscular shots may also be given to increase metabolism or boost energy, a much healthier alternative to caffeine since its overuse can cause fatigue to the adrenal glands.

FeatureGetting nutrients naturally

It would be ideal if we could simply get our nutrition from our diets as our parents and grandparents did. However, due to the contamination of our food chain with chemicals, antibiotics and hormones, soil depletion, fruits and vegetables picked too early, preservatives together with the high use of processed foods, this is a challenge. Many Americans are also highly dependent on pharmaceutical drugs and affected by their side-effects.

Sam Tejada, the owner of Liquivida, cites Revelation 18:23 .”for by your sorcery all the nations were deceived,” as a warning against this dependency. The word for ‘sorcery’ is ‘pharmakeia’ and linked with deception and bondage. His goal is to bring this model of preventative medicine to the masses. Medical spas make the preventative medicine of the future available to us today.


Andrea Goff hosts Choosing Joy, a support group for people dealing with ongoing medical conditions, pain, anxiety or depression. For information, contact [email protected].

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