Prayer Requested for Students Headed Back to School

Back to School Prayer is a call to prayer across southeast Florida. Every church is encouraged to ‘pray over’ a First Priority school sometime in the month of August…the campus, day and time to be determined by each congregation. The goal is for student missionaries, faculty sponsors, club mentors, parents, pastors, and congregants to gather at the school flagpole for corporate prayer. If they’re not able to access the flagpole we suggest gathering by the main school sign along the road.  The prayer team may either stay at that location or prayer-walk around the campus together. We are cautioning participants to be careful not to enter any areas off-limit to the public.

These are core prayer focuses:

Campus Safety – Praying for God to protect the campus, for his angels to keep guard and against evil and the tactics of Satan.

Spiritual Awakening – Praying for an outpouring of the Holy Spirit, for the lost to be found and for the Gospel to grow and bear fruit.

Student Missionaries – Praying for students to be salt and light, for them to make disciples and that they’ll invite friends to church.

Administration and Faculty – Praying for unity on the school staff, for joy in their calling as educators and that teachers would speak truth.

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