Ramos Shares Historical Perspective on Cuba

Dr. Marcos Antonio Ramos spoke at a special Trinity International University–Florida community outreach event on September 23, where he shared “An Historical and Christian Perspective on #SOSCuba.” 

Trinity Florida’s staff members and Dr. Marcos Antonio Ramos

Dr. Gene Green, Dean of TIU Florida, hosted the event at the school’s Miami site and welcomed Cuban, Venezuelan and Dominican pastors from South Florida, as well as an online audience.

About Dr. Ramos

A Cuban-born historian and theologian, Dr. Ramos has taught at six universities and seminaries. He is a leading researcher and writer about the Cuban revolution and a member of the Royal Spanish Academy.  

Dr. Marcos Antonio Ramos and Dr. Gene Green at Trinity Florida’s #SOS Cuba event

Dr. Ramos said he was excited to speak at Trinity Florida, “Really, I am the one who is honored to be here because I have a great respect for Trinity International University.”

With all chaos going on in Cuba, and the hunger strikes this summer in Southern Florida in solidarity with Cuba, Dr. Ramos said, “this is an important time for Cuba for those on the archipelago, as well as the diaspora here in the U.S.”

Good News for Cuba

Despite the politics and the history of the United States’ involvement in Cuba, Dr. Ramos had some positive news to share. “The churches in Cuba are growing like never before. Thousands of home churches meet every week in places where it’s impossible to gather as a large group. The seminaries are full of students!”

Dr. Ramos spoke with passion and conviction, “As a Christian, I will do whatever is necessary and possible to help Cuban pastors and children. Anywhere they ask me to go, I’ll preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ!”

“It was so hopeful!” expressed one of the attendees, Pat Colangelo. And another online attendee, Nina Gonzalez, commented, “I was so encouraged! Dr. Ramos is so humble and wise!”

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