Author And Self-Made Millionaire Encourages Faith

(L-R) Dr. Brian Strow (Dean of the School of Business), Angie Cella, author, Jeffrey Jacobus (owner of Classic Bookshop) and Laura Bishop, (executive vice president for advancement at PBAU.)

The bumpy road to becoming a millionaire took a lot of work, perseverance through obstacles and failures and most of all prayer and faith, said entrepreneur Angie Cella. The successful businesswoman and innovator recently spoke on entrepreneurship and taking risks to Palm Beach Atlantic University business students and faculty at its West Palm Beach campus. 

Road to a Millionaire

Rosetta Books recently published Cella’s autobiography, Blinger: An Entrepreneur’s Faith-Based Journey, available on Amazon.

Cella told the rapt audience that she had not been able to find investors through television reality shows such as “Shark Tank” or Steve Harvey’s “Funderdome,” nor through more conventional avenues. So she sold her home to pay to manufacture her invention, Blinger, a toy that safely inserts crystals in hair.

“I went through five inventors in four years,” Cella said. “The final one, I did not have enough cash on hand to pay him in full and I warned him.” She told the students, “Your integrity is everything.”

The engineer agreed to work on the prototype but said it would take six to eight months. It took 30 days, and it was finally done right.

Blinger has since sold at Target and Wal-Mart and within a few years Cella had built a $50 million retail brand. She was also honored as Inventor of the Year by the Women in Toys trade group and now sells an adult version of the toy, Bijou.

The idea for Cella’s new toy came through two divinely inspired dreams, she said. The entrepreneur told the audience she thinks the purpose of the successful toy was to lead to her writing the book and spreading her faith far and wide.

No matter the frustration and setbacks, Cella said, “I never thought about quitting. I was compelled. Nothing was going to stop me from finishing it.”

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