The Sick Receive Healing in Naples

Everyone knows Naples is a step up. A quiet town for the wealthy and retired. A beautiful getaway with colorful landscapes and well-kept streets. But Naples has a secret trend developing. One that has been kept quiet until now. Nestled near the Coastland Mall off 10th Street sits an oasis. A place where love reigns supreme and judgement is a pariah. Naples has a healing church. Do you know the greatest thing about this healing church? The regulars that attend there are not ill, they simply want God – and with God comes healing. 

Oasis Naples Church is the oldest Pentecostal church in Naples, founded in the 1920s. Years later it is led by Bishop Michael McKellar and his wife, Lisa. Its congregants are a group of imperfect people who are fully committed to knowing God and walking with Him. 

We asked God, ‘How can our little church best serve the community of Naples?’” said Pastor McKellar. He continues explaining that the leaders asked God to give them a clear picture of what they could do. 

“God did not answer us in a traditional sense, through an audible voice. Instead, He drew people to our congregation that had been given serious diagnoses.”  Cancer being on the top of the leaderboard. “These people are given very little hope by the medical professionals.” They needed hope and real help.


The Hour of Power

Every Wednesday Pastor McKellar teaches “The Hour of Power” on healing and the gifts of the Spirit. Often, they have visiting speakers that are gifted in healing, as well. 

David Turner and his wife, Jennifer spoke on the miracles and healing that God has allowed them to experience in the U.S. and throughout the world. He has been successful in business and does not ask for money while ministering to those who need Jesus Christ and His healing touch. This sets David Turner International Ministries apart. His ministry is rooted in the love of Christ. And yes, there are miracles happening in the little Oasis Church. 

Ashley, a beautiful young lady was struggling with debilitating anxiety. It was so severe that it was difficult for her to leave her house. She was missing out on life during her prime years.

“God had been working on me little by little through Pastor Michael, pointing me to the Word of God and being embraced by the loving people at the Oasis,” Ashley explains. “But the night David Turner prayed for me, it all left. In an instant the anxiety and fear that kept me bound was no longer part of my life. I praise God often for the people He has put in my path that reflect His love. I am healed.” 

Pam, a successful realtor in the Naples area, dealt with rheumatoid arthritis. Her hands ached. Turner prayed for them. “I felt warmth and a tingly sensation,” Pam recalls. “They still feel great today, no pain!”

Suzanne and her husband retired in Naples. She spends her days caring for her husband and raising funds for worthy causes. She was having sciatic pain that was making it difficult for her to walk. Turner prayed for her back and then instructed her to lift her knees repeatedly. As she did, the pain left. The more she moved the less pain she felt. The following Sunday at church, she reported no pain whatsoever. 

One of the key points Turner taught was that we often ask for individual things from the Lord. Our lives dictate our needs which for most of us, dictates our prayers as well. The Word says in Matthew chapter six, verse thirty-three that we are to seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and then all these other things will be added unto us. In other words, knowing God is to be our first priority, healing comes with the relationship. 


Go to the Source

Pastor McKellar does not claim to be able to heal anyone. What he and his church do profess is that God should be our first source for healing. “The medical profession is practicing. We have nothing against them, and we do not tell people to stop seeing their doctor. I myself, listen to my own doctor.”

However, they believe God created our bodies and all living things. God has the answers and He already stated in the Bible that it is His will all should be healed. “We do not need more faith; we need less unbelief. It is a simple message but difficult for most of us to fully grasp.” 

Oasis Naples Church is a beautiful place, with vaulted ceilings and old-time pews. A favorite spot to rent for weddings and funerals. But this church is ready to burst with the love of Christ and His healing power that cannot be bought. Pastor McKellar invites all who need God’s touch to come and join them, “bring your needs and expectation, God will meet you.” 

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